Well I am officially two months into my new job, I get my second pay slip on Tuesday and I find it hard to believe that I am nearly through probation, one more month to go and I am permanent, and as secure as anyone can be these days in a role.

The last 12 months for me have seemed somewhat like a blur bouncing from yeah life is good to struggling with my demons.  I often think if it were not for the love of a good man and my step-daughter I am sure I would not still be here, or I would not be the person I am today.

In the last few months alone I feel like my own and that of my families life has changed beyond all recognition, to a sense of real stability in what we can afford and what is a real chance to make a difference to things going forwards.  My husband this morning in bed has just read that he has the chance of a permanent writing position for a blog post doing book reviews and some 4 articles a week for a dating site.  This for us is great news as it now means he will now have a permanent writing post with regular money from his writing.  It is not going to be a lot but it will be enough to cover his basic writing expenses which is nice.

Both of our lives have turned out to be something very different from what we thought it would be.  With many thinks in the pipeline and working hard towards having our dreams, we have choose to continue being frugal with our money, so we can buy and save for a house in the next few years which we can call our own along with having holidays and having the finer things in life.  Everything for me and my partner seems a little surreal and a little too unreal at the moment but we are enjoying the very moment and continuing to live within our means.  Life will get easier once the credit card has been paid off but that should be gone by the end of the year making our lifes more comfortable and straight forward.

Our chance to plan and build a future was something we never thought possible 3 no not evn1 year ago and now everything seems possible and real. I am not saying our life is rosy and we still don’t have challenges we do but things feel more tangible less dream like and more based in reality and within our grasps than they have for a very long time.

I am grateful for what I have and what we have achieved and am actively looking forward to a way forward and building our future together