Thins over the past few months have passed my be in a blur and I have found I have less and less time to do the things I really want to do.  A lot of this comes out of fatigue.  My current job results in me travelling nearly 4 hours a day on a round trip to get in and out of the office, I could make my life easier by asking to work from home a couple of times a week but realistically I only want to do that when I really have to.  I think more than anything I enjoy going into work, because I enjoy my job.  Recently I passed probation which for us was a major milestone.

Everything seemed to be happening at once, my husbands birthday, our one year anniversary of being married along with passing probation.  Everything after several years of struggle and living frugally was finally all coming together.

We were eventually beginning to see what it looked like to be stable.  A secure job as far as anything is secure in today’s environment of change.  A debt free-living apart from a meagre amount onto a credit card, which recently got transferred to a 0% balance for 9 months option on a lower rate meaning credit rating was improving once more.

Funds towards honeymoon were being paid – not as regularly as I would like but it was still being paid and going down in value which is the important thing.

We now found ourselves thinking about the future and what we wanted.  The prospect in itself was as terrifying as it comes from both a new experience and the ability to plan without having the sensation that it was only a dream.  The though of saving for own home or buying our current place from the landlords seemed like a real possibility.

A rewarding effect of all this happened yesterday when we treated ourselves to our long promised sky subscription on the X-Box allowing us to watch our long waited season 7 of Dexter and in 14 days time the new season of Game of Thrones.

All that aside I need to find the time to do my writing, and although the train journey gives me time, I found I am allowing myself this time to sit and do my reading.  So in the last 2 months along I have gone through about 6 books and about to start my 7th which is great, but I want to keep my blogging going along with my writing and both seem to be suffering at the moment.

However, you know what they say you can’t have it all but one at least must try.  Life is ploughing on and I will continue to improve my regularity of action on my blog page.  Nonetheless if life takes over as I am sure it will with Easter around the corner and double birthdays for my in law parents of 65 and 70 – I am sure I will find myself in a blur of activity once more and look up and found that it is summer and the honey moon is looming.

I wish you well and a good life until next time I get to blog away.

Have fun