My day job has totally taken over my life as of late. My Husband and I sat down to talk the other night; it has been a case of get up, travel 2 hours to work, work, travel 2 hours home, eat, watch something dumb on TV,  go to bed, sleep  and do the whole routine all over again the next day.  Life has become routine, uneventful and to be honest very boring.  Part of the problem is I love my job. now don’t get me wrong it is not my world I log off at 5 so I can at least be home by 7 and spend some time with hubby before sleeping.  But the 4 hours a day is taking a toll on me and my energy levels.

To make sure there is some quality there, I usually don’t take a lunch break and will go to the gym instead and then eat at my desk – I know not a good philosophy but otherwise it means not travelling home until an hour later or getting up even earlier to do it before heading to my desk in the morning.  By doing the latter, it means going to bed earlier and spending even less time with Hubby than I already am. Neither idea is appealing – I like my sleep but I love my husband more.

Options to have considered, finding a job closer to home for the same pay yes this is possible, but until I get the necessary qualifications that my job entails being able to do this is not really an option.  Also, just in case it was not apparent I love my job, I love the company I work for, it is just the regular travelling that is causing a problem.  Naturally my boss understands the travel is a big issue in my role and so we have been having in-depth discussions around me having a regular work from home day initially once a week but could be extended out to two pending on work loads etc…  Even by taking this option it does not mean that I could not ask to leave early due to late meetings with the US or just book an additional work from home day as a result of the aforementioned situation.  Yes, sometimes I even have to work from home.  Being a global company and having customers across the world means being available 24×7.  Usually most people wont call unless it is an emergency so I usually pick up and deal with issues arising during my evening the next day unless I think it needs dealing with ASAP.  However, I have had to learn to switch off when I leave the office difficult for a workaholic, but I need to give myself a work life balance.

As a result of this other aspects of my life have suffered and not out of intentional neglect.  Therefore, both husband and I have decided that at least once a week we are going to do something different during the week days, whether that is take a walk around the local area, go to the cinema, he meets me in town and we eat out, it does not matter but we need to start making changes.  Partially to stop things becoming stale and boring.

We know when we have small over this is never an issue as we always have something planned or at least try to do so.  This has become easier having got the Merlin Passes and we have made sure we have truly abused and got our monies worth out of them.  Since March, this has meant spending lots of time in Theme Parks, and riding Roller coasters.  For me this is massive, considering the fact that I am petrified of heights and can often have Vertigo Spasms standing in the queues for rides, seeing the height I am about to embark on.  Nonetheless, I have yet to quit going on a ride.  We made an agreed rule, if we agree to ride we ride.  At times I have hated doing this, but it has been good  because although the fear is still there it is definitely subsiding.  I still have panic attacks, and I still get scared but I am being able to control and manage the attacks more so that they don’t become an issue in my every day life.

So having made the decision to do things differently, last night I opted to book us tickets to do a night tour of Hampton Court under what they term as their Salacious Gossip tour.  It very much does what it says on the tin, access to some areas, which is not normally accessed by day visitors, and a talk around the gossip, the affairs and legitimacy and illegitimacy of some children born of royal blood lines.  For husband and I it was the pleasure of walking around such a magnificent court, enjoying the ideals of Olde Englande, without the crowds.  The night started with pure luxury, a glass of Champagne in the belly of the court, where Beer, Ales and Wines were stored in the days it was used.  We then escorted around the court by our tour guide in full Medieval dress, and given that the temperature was still at 25C (77 F).  It was a lovely relaxing evening, albeit me being somewhat exhausted at the end of the two hours tour.  it was now gone 2100 and I had been on the go since 0600 that morning.  I was ready to collapse, which was very obvious when I we sat down in one room and my whole body cracked and then repeated the performance when standing up, which resulted in a few disconcerted looks from the other guests.  Nonetheless, it was worth it.  There were talks of Ghost Tours in the winter, so this may be something to pick up on before we embark on our Honey Moon in November but we shall see.


Just a selection of some of the rides I have put myself through in the last few months