Spring is on its way

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Despite waking up on Saturday morning and feeling like someone had drugged me over night.  All my sense of smell and taste had evaporated and all that was left was a sniffling, sore throated, ear-ached wreck of a women.  Okay slightly melodramatic, but anyone who knows me knows that me and being ill is not a good combination.  Like me being cold or hungry.  But being ill is the worst, I refer instantly to the stereotype of a man and I am dying.  Part of this is with being asthmatic everything feels more laboured than normal, my energy levels have got up and gone and I am just really not functioning at all.  My first reaction when this happens is to feel totally sorry for myself and curl back up under the duvet.  However I went for the kill and/or cure approach.  Natural remedies like warmed lemon with honey and whiskey to kill the infection and cold topped up with paracetamol and cough medicines.  I have totally doused myself in both sets of remedies along with topping up my Vitamin C with Vitamin C tablets.  This morning my eyes are no longer as puffy.  My head no longer feels like an eternal cleaver, my throat although sore is no longer on fire.  The only lasting effect at the moment is the earache and that may take longer to cure.  So whilst Miss L goes out ice skating with friends today in Slough I have opted to stay at home in the warmth and be boring to try and get rid of the last of this bit of cold so at least tomorrow morning for work I wont feel so crummy.  I don’t think I would mind so much but I have major negotiations going on next week which I need to be on top of ball game for.  Oh well it will be as it will be.

Nonetheless despite all of this I could not help but feel cheered both yesterday and today, when I woke to see Sun shining through my windows and hearing birds tweet and twerp at each other and my heart lifted, as I thought, yeah spring is on its way. This also lifted my spirits as it meant not long until our second holiday in two years.  We have eventually been able to fulfil a 5 year promise to Miss L to be able to take her away to a destination of her choice.  Although we are still paying for it both myself and Miss L are getting more and more excited as time goes by.

There is so many mixed emotions around this as for the first time ever we have been able to afford not only to go on holiday but do it 2 years in a row.  Both instances have involved travels over seas.  Neither of us have really done this before and for Miss L it is her first real long-haul flight so she is full of questions on the flight, travel abilities to sleep distance etc…  It is lovely to see her come alive with such enjoyment and enthusiasm for the coming adventure.


First week completed

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Well I managed to complete my first week back at work after my injury in November on Honeymoon, which I believe I covered off in an earlier blog post.

Nonetheless, several things happened this week:

  1. I had my faith restored in human nature and London commuters
  2. Then had it returned back to its normal state
  3. Negotiated a couple of work from home days based on my foot continuing to heal
  4. How extremely Lazy people are

On my first day back into the office, my commute itself is also traumatic, it takes me nigh on two hours travel, door to door to reach my destination one way and two hours in return.  This is subject to everything running on time, getting to the right destination and there being no hold ups.  My concern was the tube I potentially would have a 20 minute stand.  No that was not to be the case.  I got onto the tube and someone offered me their resting post and then said would I prefer a sit, at which point he went across to the nearest person in a sit and asked if they would mind moving so that I may sit down.  A resounding yes was followed.  Thank you for showing some humanity.

However, the journey home as a different story.  Train lines had got flooded and so I had to revert to my back up plan of going into Osterly for  my return journey and have hubby come and collect me at the station.  However, this line is the main line also into Heathrow airport.

Although I was offered a standing post not one person offered me a seat, despite having a stick and it was obvious I was only resting on the one foot.  I had made the decision once I got onto the Piccadilly line, I would ask for a sit if no one would give one up.  So I got on the tube line, and move into the central reservation.  I note that no one chooses to pay attention, and then a young women after seeing me struggle offers me her seat.  I was somewhat relieved as the thought of asking somewhat to evict their seat to me was somewhat nerve-racking.  Living in London you are never sure what you are going to get.  The response will either be yes sure no problem, or WTF who the F do you think you are or worse still stabbed.

However, Monday was rather pleasant.   I left home early knowing I had what used to a 10 minute walk, but since walking can still be painful I knew extra time was needed.  Nonetheless, I still made good time and managed to catch the earlier train than normal.  This leant itself to a much more pleasurable commute.

There were few fears based on the overground


Tuesday I was unable to go into the office as a result of the flooding.  Wednesday was a return to normal and no change in the attitude of commuters forcing me to ask people to vacate sits and stop people sitting, despite having already seen me struggling but nothing would stop them from having a seat…..  Nonetheless the journey in on Monday had taught me one thing.  I was not ready to start going into work on a full-time basis I needed to have at least 2 days from working from home.  Luckily this was my fortnightly  1-2-1 meeting with my manager and so during this time I took the opportunity to discuss the situation and opportunity and advise that I needed to change my work from home days in the short-term from every other Monday and Friday to an ongoing Tuesday and Thursday Momentum for the short-term at least whilst my foot continued to heal.  With this now agreed and under my belt it meant that I could now look to manage my healing process and ensure that my foot was kept permanently elevated at least twice a week.  Despite having acquire a foot rest, it still did not really elevate my foot to the levels needed to keep swelling down, but still it was better than nothing.

Nonetheless despite all this I have had to resort to using the Public Transport lifts to help get me between levels from tube, to surface and platform levels for my journeys and the one thing that has become apparent is the number of able-bodied people who use these, deliberately refuse to hold doors open and seem incapable of any comprehension of why they are there has struck me beyond belief.

In whatever circumstances I am in, as far as possible I try to take the stairs as opposed to lifts, work being my only exception, as it is on the 6th floor, open glass panels, and open stair cases, causing a double clash of two of my fears.  Although I could do it, I just don’t want to get half way and then realise I can’t move up or down as I am frozen in fear and for that purpose only I use the lifts at work.  However in a tube environment I have none of these fears to face and so will use both stairs and escalators and even walk up escalators to help with my very office, sit down job.

I have never seen the fascination of being so damn lazy and it riles me.  Having had a mother in a wheelchair for most of my life, the ability to be able to use Lifts is vital for people like my mother, new mothers with push chairs, heavy luggage and the infirm like myself at present.  Now don’t get me wrong if there is a disability I have no qualms with people using them, but when you can review and see I just can’t be bothered to walk and this is easier it riles me up.

Anyway rant over.  It was lovely to be back at work, enjoying the social interaction and filling my calendar with face to face meetings once again.  It makes such a pleasant change from previous interactions and meetings moving forward.


Future challenges, back to school and back to work

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Like with every coming New Year I set myself various challenges.  On last year’s front I think it was safe to say that it was as a Craig Revell-Horwood would say a Disaaaster Darling a total disaster.  One positive is that I lost 2 stone then put one back on.  Nonetheless it still going in the right direction.

So fresh out of last years fiascos I have put together a new list of requirements and wishes for this coming year

1) Clear the last remaining balances on my credit cards

2) Get fit

3) Stick to my timetable for my CIPS exam and pass the exams first time

The major challenges here is mainly number 3 as I work a full-time job, travel four hours a day in total getting in and out of work.  I will naturally now use this travel time to equate to reading and studying for the work allowed.  I have quite tight deadlines set for myself with only 10 days to complete each chapter of the course.  With a total of 18 weeks for each section.  In all that sounds fine, but the volume of reading required is something that is going to be left to be desired

Additional nerves  are that I am making my way back into work after nearly 2 months of working from home after an injury sustained whilst on my honeymoon.  Things are getting to get busy and heavy and hectic very soon.

Nonetheless I love challenges and keeping busy so this should stop me from getting idle and bored and not finding that I don’t have things to do.

Oh one other thing I committed to do this year was to get my poems edited and pulled together into a concise book for hubby to review and work on.  So I also made a start on that yesterday too…. so how I feel like I am just looking for trouble here.

Roll on August for holiday time yeah…

Amazing hand made gifts

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So I have had some amazing presents this year and have felt very lucky with the gifts I have received.  Given the fact that we had made a conscious decision this year not to go mad, for several reasons:

1) We eventually got away on our belated honeymoon to the Maldives to the amazing resort of the Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa resort.  The holiday will always be totally memorable and amazing

2) We spent the money on buying and investing in an X-BOX one – which has proved to be very productive and enjoyable waste of time

So any super special gifts were never top of my agenda list and then my amazing step-daughter gave me a beautiful hand crafted and made necklace.

The necklace was very much made for me as their gift box and internal design signs “Everything from Ruby Jewellery is made for YOU!”

Knowing my love for diving, and the sea in general I got an amazing crafted wooden beaded necklace with a shell pendant and turn the shell around there is a whale imprint visible…. love it one of the most amazing presents from the festive period.  Image


All the jewellery comes in a hand made box delicately gift wrapped with a token of thanks for the purchase included.

Please feel free to take look at any of their sites for more inspiration on what they could offer and help you buy your loved ones.  However if you font see something you like or you cant see what you want email them. They will come back to you and advise if they can help

Face book : – Ruby Jewellery

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Email : Rubyjewellery@gmail.com