Despite waking up on Saturday morning and feeling like someone had drugged me over night.  All my sense of smell and taste had evaporated and all that was left was a sniffling, sore throated, ear-ached wreck of a women.  Okay slightly melodramatic, but anyone who knows me knows that me and being ill is not a good combination.  Like me being cold or hungry.  But being ill is the worst, I refer instantly to the stereotype of a man and I am dying.  Part of this is with being asthmatic everything feels more laboured than normal, my energy levels have got up and gone and I am just really not functioning at all.  My first reaction when this happens is to feel totally sorry for myself and curl back up under the duvet.  However I went for the kill and/or cure approach.  Natural remedies like warmed lemon with honey and whiskey to kill the infection and cold topped up with paracetamol and cough medicines.  I have totally doused myself in both sets of remedies along with topping up my Vitamin C with Vitamin C tablets.  This morning my eyes are no longer as puffy.  My head no longer feels like an eternal cleaver, my throat although sore is no longer on fire.  The only lasting effect at the moment is the earache and that may take longer to cure.  So whilst Miss L goes out ice skating with friends today in Slough I have opted to stay at home in the warmth and be boring to try and get rid of the last of this bit of cold so at least tomorrow morning for work I wont feel so crummy.  I don’t think I would mind so much but I have major negotiations going on next week which I need to be on top of ball game for.  Oh well it will be as it will be.

Nonetheless despite all of this I could not help but feel cheered both yesterday and today, when I woke to see Sun shining through my windows and hearing birds tweet and twerp at each other and my heart lifted, as I thought, yeah spring is on its way. This also lifted my spirits as it meant not long until our second holiday in two years.  We have eventually been able to fulfil a 5 year promise to Miss L to be able to take her away to a destination of her choice.  Although we are still paying for it both myself and Miss L are getting more and more excited as time goes by.

There is so many mixed emotions around this as for the first time ever we have been able to afford not only to go on holiday but do it 2 years in a row.  Both instances have involved travels over seas.  Neither of us have really done this before and for Miss L it is her first real long-haul flight so she is full of questions on the flight, travel abilities to sleep distance etc…  It is lovely to see her come alive with such enjoyment and enthusiasm for the coming adventure.