What A Week

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In A week where the US have faced horrendous storm blizzards and the UK have been battered by storms and rain.  I look out of my two bedroomed flat and have wondered what all the fuss is about.  That is not to say I am callous and don’t care, but just viewing the maps, as shown how much of an Island where I currently live used to be.

For most areas within 3-30 minutes of walking distance from my flat are covered in water, subject to flooding and interruptions by the storm, my little piece of calm, is standing tall and proud and smiling down saying, rain what rain.

The current flood warning map is proving an interest site to highlight our point.  To show what I mean about us being an island and our higher ground, I think the below image with the flood warning highlight this fact quite well, yet as I go further into London and even where I work which is right on the Times and there is no sign of this destruction or problem

Our plans for this weekend to go see the Lego Movie, has been aborted due to the storms and need to travel, something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

So instead I opted to stay home, order hubbys birthday and anniversary present, and let my Charlisei play on GTA5 which we picked up for a bargain this week on Amazon.

Other than storms and disorder, for once not of my making,  My doctors surgery decided to tell me I am acquiring my own medical team around my foot and its inability to heal properly.  On the plus side I have been told there is no infection in the bones yeah and that it is just taking its time to heal.  There are not sure though if there is permanent nerve damage, so this may require further tests, referrals and investigations for which I am still waiting to hear what the outcome will be.

Until then I will continue to hobble along, manage as best as I can and hope that next week there is not some destruction and chaos about.


Study struggle

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So I got my materials through the other day for the first section of my professional study materials.  I have been slowly reading through this since Monday, between working full time, husband having guests over and playing D&D.  Today was going to be my optimal day of being dedicated, focussed and getting things done.  My target was to to finish chapter one.

However, three hours after starting I find I am only 10 pages further on from where I had started and effectively only half way through the chapter.  Okay so it’s not perfect I tell myself it is progress.  Then I remind myself that next weekend I am supposed to be a 1/4 of the way through this module and ie at the end of Chapter 3 if I want to meet any of the deadlines and have the course completed in time for the 2 year deadline date.  I then had to remind myself my books were a week late in turning up so as long as I am at the end of Chapter 2 next week I am on time – but at the moment, I don’t even think I will manage that.

I then decided to look at preparation time suggested on the study website and it advises 115 minutes to complete the whole chapter, and now I feel even more demoralized with the situation then I did before I had talked myself out of the resigned slump I had put myself into thinking I am never going to reach my 1/4 milestone target.

Emotionally I now feel a wreck.  My stress levels have had hit the roof and all I really want to do right now is cry.  Throw the books out the window like a child and quit.  None of which I know are really productive and that it is purely an emotive knee jerk reaction.  I am sure a good night’s sleep and some time away will make everything better again.

As a result of this I have decided to draw a blank on this today and come back to things fresh tomorrow.

Close the door as I think the background noise is not helping with my concentration levels and just shut the world out and get on with it.  Naturally if I dont complete the deadlines then my treat of the cinema next week is off the agenda.  Might as well start giving myself the treat enhancement option as an incentive to try and get things done.  Let’s see how well it works moving forwards.

Wish me well and lets hope I can catch up


The power of the foot

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Well it is safe to say that this week has not been my guiding light for health.  As some of you may know, whilst on my honeymoon, I acquired a serious puncture wound to my left foot.  Now a mere 3 months on from that event, I am still nursing the injury.  In fact this week I have spent more time at the Doctors and hospitals because of it than I care to think about.  Despite taking all the care I can to ensure that it does not get wet, that I don’t walk on it too much, it is elevated when at home and I am in flat shoes, it decided to become a very unhappy foot on Monday.

Normally I would have a work from home day on Tuesday, however, as a result of a late meeting on Monday I had swapped my days around.  By the time I had arrived home on Tuesday, because the late meeting on Monday got cancelled and transferred to Tuesday, I had a very unhappy looking foot.  It was swollen and painful and general not looking healthy.  In typical Me style, I decided to share with hubby who was away with friends for a few hours talking about becoming the new GM (Games Master) or DK (Dungeon Keeper) of the coming Roll 20 20 series that they currently play on a Monday night.

I had made the decision if the pain was still this bad the next day on the Wednesday that a visit to the doctors’ was on the agenda and so a visiting I went.  Little did I expect to be told there is a new infection now in my foot and they are not sure if it has gone to the bones and so off to hospital I must now go.  X-Rays now taken it was now lunch time and I had already had to cancel one meeting and re-schedule and was a half day behind with my current demanding work schedule and requirements.

This made me nervous as I knew I had to be in the office on Thursday for a full day training session to learn how to effectively manage my business writing as part of my personal development plan.  Already I have seen the fruits of the labour from that course and it was far more productive than I had ever given it credit to be or any right to be.  My next one which takes place in two weeks time is going to be far less enjoyable as I need to learn to do presentations – my worst fear and nightmare.  Hating the thought already.  Especially since I have been told you are videoed and your skills are completely dissected in front of everyone.  Not a pleasant feeling on this at all…… worst nightmare ever.

Then back to doctors I toddled on Friday to be told by the local nurse, she is not happy with its progress and if the pain has not improved on Tuesday when I next go to see her, its back to the doctors and the unwritten voice of hospitalisation ingrained into the conversation…. boo not happy.

The irony of all of this was that when I went to see my doctor when I came back to update her and get her to check it out, I was told there was no need to come back unless the redness got worse, keep it dry, dont go to work until you can put a shoe on your foot,  but it is going to take at least two months to heal.  Now I am being told I should have had more medical care and attention, regular check ups as the foot is not healing correctly.  It is apparently healing from the top down inside from the bottom up.  As a result of this, it is driving an infection which can be seen when the scab is not on there by a small in prick hole in my foot.  Oh so pleasant.

I wont bore you with gruesome photographs of its development, as these are not pleasant but I will share with you the offending article