In A week where the US have faced horrendous storm blizzards and the UK have been battered by storms and rain.  I look out of my two bedroomed flat and have wondered what all the fuss is about.  That is not to say I am callous and don’t care, but just viewing the maps, as shown how much of an Island where I currently live used to be.

For most areas within 3-30 minutes of walking distance from my flat are covered in water, subject to flooding and interruptions by the storm, my little piece of calm, is standing tall and proud and smiling down saying, rain what rain.

The current flood warning map is proving an interest site to highlight our point.  To show what I mean about us being an island and our higher ground, I think the below image with the flood warning highlight this fact quite well, yet as I go further into London and even where I work which is right on the Times and there is no sign of this destruction or problem

Our plans for this weekend to go see the Lego Movie, has been aborted due to the storms and need to travel, something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

So instead I opted to stay home, order hubbys birthday and anniversary present, and let my Charlisei play on GTA5 which we picked up for a bargain this week on Amazon.

Other than storms and disorder, for once not of my making,  My doctors surgery decided to tell me I am acquiring my own medical team around my foot and its inability to heal properly.  On the plus side I have been told there is no infection in the bones yeah and that it is just taking its time to heal.  There are not sure though if there is permanent nerve damage, so this may require further tests, referrals and investigations for which I am still waiting to hear what the outcome will be.

Until then I will continue to hobble along, manage as best as I can and hope that next week there is not some destruction and chaos about.