I have always been a kid at heart and at nearly 40 not much has really changed, I hold down a high-powered job in the city, act like a professional 5 days of the week but when it comes to Disney I revert to a 5-year-old child.  Therefore my coming holiday to Disney Florida has me being all geeky, emotional and child like in one big sweep.  Many argue that Disney glamorizes girls into being nothing but searching for the unrealistic, the one and only true soul mate to capture your heart and that it expects women to be weak and under the thumb of her man.  This is not what I see at all.  I see strong women, who believe in themselves, what they want and wont sacrifice their beliefs for others.  All maidens that were punished by Disney/ladybird books were punished because they failed to conform somehow to the ‘norm’ somehow.  They refused to marry the first person they were told to marry, each man they successfully fell in love with had to prove themselves.  I myself have been told several times I live in fantasy world, and I have too high standards and no one would ever be good enough.  My response was not true, I know what I want and I won’t settle for less.  I never wanted a lot just simply a man who would treat me like a lady and fight for me.  Not necessarily in the form of jousting but if things got tough and hard decisions would be made, they would make the decision that meant they were serious about us.  All charming’s in the Disney world,  had to pass a test, including Shrek, it is about loving whose underneath the polished exterior and loving the women who has overcome hardship but has stayed true to herself.  My mother taught me always be truthful, honest and never beholden to a man.  In other words always be independent and true to yourself.  Men come and go but your true friends will always be there for you.  I think that is something that comes across with all Disney tales, the women never give up who they truly are,  and those whom can’t handle that quickly fall be the wayside.

For me I am an independent, strong-willed and opinionated and have always been a tom boy, but I can be extremely feminine with the right person, soft and warm.  Those who don’t know me never see this side of me and only ever say the hard tom boy exterior, my husband however loves that hidden side which he knows he has earned the right to see.

So why do I love Disney it gives me a chance to be child but remind me that all that is right with me is what I learnt from loving ladybird books and Disney at young age.  Along with careful guidance form a patience mother who had a very demanding and challenging daughter.