With now nearly just over 3 weeks to go to our annual holiday, the 2nd in 2 years, a first for both my  partner and I. I must admit I am getting a little excited; especially given that today I had my first exam for my professional qualification for CIPS today too.  My priority has always been exam and then holiday, although I am sure work colleagues and people who know me will tell you that this has not always Ben the case. In fact at times when I have found the going tough,knowing tat the holiday is just around the corner had just keep me going, especially when I have just wanted to throw in the towel.  However having one out of the way and feeling that it went  quite well, especially having for getting home and checked a couple of points that I had felt I had got back to front, I cannot help feel that unless something has gone disastrously wrong then all should be well when the results are issued on then 8th of October.

So why all the excitement over the holiday well we are off to Disney Florida of course.  Having never been and always wanted to go, I am slowly reverting back to an even smaller child then what I already am.  However between now then I have several big tasks to complete at work including account transitions as I move into my new role and all the challenges that brings. Preparing and finalising my presentation for our women in technology event , which is a 6 week paid internship to A-level students looking to work in the IT and finance sectors.

Despite this I know Disney is calling and with days also  planned for universal – with the new wizarding world of harry potter & diagon alley, sea world, NASA and Busch gardens whilst we are put that, I am not sure how much of a restful vacation this will be.  I am also concerned that since it has been a life long dream I am not convinced I won’t blub the moment we get to the resort, see cinders castle for the first time or Downtown Disney, either which way I expect it to be a holiday we  won’t forget.  In addition to this it is our first real holiday as a family as my step-daughter is also coming along, which makes the event even more exciting for myself and my husband too.  As she commented on a recent post by her father you are never too old for Disney and I thought excellent may Disney holidays to come woo hoo, which is great once my niece and nephew have expressed a wish for us to take to them yo see mickey and Minnie too.