As anyone who knows me will tell you.  Over the last 38 years I have numerous fears over time and become comfortable or conquered most of them to not have them play an issue in my life.  The only one remaining free that can still have my paralysed is my fear of heights.  I can get incessant vertigo in a cinema and come out in sweats  depending on the camera shot.  For my achievements in this area has been able to ride roller coasters that do loops, inverted helix’s heart rate lines etc… without breaking a sweat.  This has resulted in numerous of hours of fun at places like Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington, where I have ridden things like, Saw, Nemesis, Smiler, Rattlesnake, Swarm etc… to name but a few.

This also meant that when I met up with my oldest friend a few months back I was able to climb up onto her roof top in Notting Hill, and although it gave me the sweats I managed to do it without too many problems.

Today however, I faced my biggest challenge Stealth.  For a vertigo freak going some  62M in the air was not a height that filled me with pleasure and although the tallest Roller Coaster is currently 139M at Six Flags Great Adventure with their Kingda Ka, for me this was a do or die day.  Seeing the queue length begin a paltry 50 minutes we choose just to go for it.  As we neared the tension rose as the ride broke down several times and a test run was done when we were 2 from the front of the line.  But as I climbed aboard the seats, I knew the G-Force would not be so terrifying having ridden RITA at Alton Towers.  Stealth itself is considerable shorter in ride length and in G-Force.  So all I kept telling myself is that the total ride is 6 seconds.  Yes that is right 6 seconds.

After being catapulted to  80 MPH in 2 seconds and climbing to the top of the 60M and commencing the vertical drop into the descent I managed to let out a whoop realising not only had I managed to face my fear but actually quite enjoyed it and sadistically wanted to ride it again, but at the front of the queue line …. oh dear what will come next will surely be a story for another time.