So we spent our first day and Disney at the Animal Kingdom resort and out in the African Savannah.  Having booked fast pass for some of the more popular rides and choosing a quiet day to attend, it meant that in some instances we could do some rides more than once and do other rides which were something to do if nothing else was available.  Fast pass tickets were booked for lost expedition, primeval whirl and kali rapids. Primeval whirl was a fun ride even if I do have some bruising from some of the rather sharp turns. Kali fun was a good start to the day and also meant we had plenty of time to dry off. However, it was disappointing with only one big drop which got you wet and then a gentle saunter.   We enjoyed the lost expedition so much that after completing the fast track we did it a second time given that it was only a 20 minute wait time and is definitely something we would do again if we have the chance to do so.

We quickly adapted to the dining plan process and found the snack option a valuable extra for half way through the day when breakfast had started to wear off and so we indulged in a cookie sandwich, which was two soft cookies with vanilla ice cream in the middle.  Filling but good and  saw us through to dinner time at the Wanna restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which was a mix of African crossed India fusion food, amazing.  All this means is that coral reef restaurant this evening in Epcot has a lot to live up to.

So the journey continued let’s see what Epcot has to offer us on day 2 of our Disney adventure.