So yesterday was Epcot.  This for me was one of the anticipated highlights of coming into Disney.  As a child being an astronaut was a live long dream, then combined with a fear of heights, lack of control and despicable eyesight the dream was to call from the skies like a shooting star coming sharply into the earths orbit. Yesterday through mission space I had the chance to have the sensation of being launches into space.  For me an amazing experience, our second fast pass of the day teat track was put on hold, due to fault problems. However, to Disney’s credit we got an email advising that we can transition to another fast pass without the need to swap out the tickets or wait to see if it came back up.  We opted to wait and it was worth it.  We ended up doing Test track as our last ride of the day, and clocked an impressive 64.9 mph around the track.  The best thing was you designed your own car and it was this that was put thought its paces around the track. Our overall car performance was 198 with the top performance at 235 with power being at an overall 98.  Amazing experience although I think the people who sat behind us were a lot woooh at the speed. 

We did some stranger things like a ride through Mexico on a gondola which can only be described as Blackpool’s love tunnel and even !made my husband’s jaw drop.  We also did Ellen’s universe of energy and while the dinosaurs were cool the remainder was an education session which needed some updating.  Despite this it was pleasant and enjoyable enough.  We also followed this with habit hero’s which was an interactive session and game which got everyone moving around and active and was good for a giggle and found innovations east.  We also partook in Maelstrom which was a mini log flume via Norway Trolls and all. 

Our evening meal was booked at the Coral reef restaurant and so we choose to head back to Saratoga freshen up before going back out to dine.  Effectively a Surf and turf restaurant surrounding an aquarium.  This alone was amazing but when you see divers down there in the tank I just went into glee mood into super squeeee. There was something surreal about eating dinner with sharks, rays and divers being so close to you.  All experienced divers were able to wave or give the okay as they went past. 

After the meal we made a super dash across to the central lake to watch illuminations of the earth.  The projections of images of land mass famous faces and general colours and lasers which matched aerial lasers made something special.  This was all backed up with excellent music, building backup which lifted and accentuated the lasers and colours of the earth.  It was then all combined with a mass of fireworks and various explosions, which resulted me being covered in falling ash making me look like I had been in some weird paint fight.  All in all an amazing night time spectacular and something that you should take the time put to see whilst in Disney and Epcot.

All in all another successful day and tip of Epcot is do test track and wait to see illuminations of the Earth.