So yesterday we spent the day at Universal.  Despite having the SatNav play Glados originally and sending us to one of the Universal off site resorts we eventually found our way there without too !much pain.  Universal being a maximum 30 minutes drive from the springs,that even despite the detour we managed to cram in near?y another 8hours in the park.  With only two roller coasters in the traditional sense to speak of the rest being 3Dmotion simularors it is not a place for the feint of heart or prone to motion sickness. 

We opted to purchases QBot which is the equivalent of fast pass in most other parks.  At $30 per person it was worth the expense of doing so as it meant we could see what we wanted to ride, check the queue ride,if it was longer than 20 minutes Qbot it and then continue exploring the rest of the park before going back to enjoy the ride. So we qbotted the minions which had 40 minutes and rode Shrek.  Shrek was an interesting rode for the first one in the day. This was followed with Despicable Me.  Fun interactive and enjoyable.  We followed this with revenge of the Mummy,a great dark ride and much more a traditions! Rollercoaster.  Despite viewing the POV there was still some surprises in store and was some nice combination of special effects  with the ride itself.

We then went for the big one,Rock it,Rip it Ride It.  With a vertical climb in mid day sun being perhaps not the brightest idea we have had all day it was the original ascent which lasted for between 5 and 10 seconds and a blazing sun in your face. Having chosen our track in the loading bay the ride began with a near vertical drop followed by a loop the loop with helix inversions having us going across the top of the loop rather than inside it.  Amazing ride and worth
Looking at your video afterwards for a giggle.

We also completed the transformers, ET, Krustyland and MIB.  We choose to eat at the monsters cafe.  We saw the Dora the Explorer parade.  Adopted not to stay for the superstar walk parade but got lots of pictures of the blues brothers, Bumblebee, Megatron and Optus Prime along with a walk through of Springfield.  We ended the day with a relax by the pool and food at the turf Bar and Grill.

We made a very conscious decision not to explore Diagonally or the wizarding world of Harry Potter as this is a scheduled for next week. 

Disappointments of the day the lack of effective WiFi at Universal to be able to track and upload like we had at Disney and the food at Turf Bar and Grill. 

Highlights of the day Rip, Rock it Ride it.  Despicable Me and Transformers 3d along wit the Mummy revenge.

Today we have Busch gardens scheduled but given that over the last 3 cays we have walked over 30 miles we are sure if we are prepared for the 90 minute hike and the extreme coasters that await us that.  As such today has yet to be unfolded./