Today was one of those days I was really looking forward to but ended up coming away a little deflated and flat. Everything just felt a little tired. The thing was it was not as if the park was bad the customer service was intermittent to say the least. Using a faulty locker we had a full dollar swallowed and only had 50 cents returned because the agent was nonplussed and could not be bothered. I know yesterday was hot as even Americans were commenting on the general heat of the day but nonetheless customer service is crucial. Talking to friends it just seems that Disney just does things better and gets more things right even when it is going wrong.

Nonetheless a good day was had by all and we enjoyed cheetah, the log flume their version of tidal wave and the gwazi their version of a wooden roller coaster. We did not get to experience more as the park closed at 6 so it was a short albeit tiring day as it was 90 minutes ride from Orlando down to Tampa. We did however get to see a baby Gazelle that was only one day old which was pretty cool.

Food was nondescript and WiFi like Universal was hit and miss. Still a good day and thoroughly enjoyable. Tomorrow we are back to Disney and the water parks. Woo hoo