So I woke up this morning after a nearly full 12 hours sleep given that over the last four days we have walked over 45 miles, however our feet are now starting to ache and are full of blisters and aches.  Initially thoughts were to go to blizzard beach but when we got to the best stop Typhoon lagoon bus was in so we opted for there instead.  We choose to skip SeaWorld for a variety of reasons including principles, ethics, and how tired Busch Gardens looked, as they are owned by the same company, we choose two days in water parks to chill out might be a nice option.

Typhoon lagoon as its name suggests is based around a tropical climate which has experienced a recent typhoon.  The highlight of this resort is the 6 foot tidal wave which is generated at random intervals throughout the day although we noticed it was roughly every 5 to 10 minutes once the last great wave had, had a chance to recover.  If you stood close to the shoreline you could experience the impact without being swallowed up by the wave.

Other highlights if the day, was doing several waterslides and rapid rides along with a five story drop slide mostly in the dark.  For me this was a massive achievement. Partially because no suffer quite badly from vertigo and can struggle with heights quite badly but a fondly water slides have never been high on my agenda.  Nonetheless I completed the ride despite screaming most of the way down.

My step daughter and I also partook of a roller coaster-esque water slide which was great fun, however having done the 5 storey building drop I had managed to lose my contacts, meaning I lost my sense of perception and was having vertigo, dizziness issues n the climb up to the ride.  Once at the top we continued on the journey which was great fun. 

Food organisation was a little chaotic but nonetheless the staff were cheery and happy to take ownership for mistakes.  As I noted on yesterday’s blog post customer service makes a huge difference.  However despite taking precautions I have still managed to get burnt.
Our night ended with an evening meal at le cellier in the Canadian quadrant of Epcot.  The food was delicious and well worth the wait.  The staff were friendly and helpful and for a signature restaurant it was well worth the visit and two sets of dining credits.  As such we then went to watch illuminations of the earth.  As we only saw the end of this on day 2 it was good to see from beginning to be end and just as enjoyable second time around as it was first.

Tomorrows day slot is currently still open having cancelled SeaWorld as noted earlier on.  The question is back to typhoon lagoon or on to Blizzard  beach.

Only time will tell.  Until then good night and pleasant dreams