So after several days of running around theme parks for the last 5 days adopted to take a well earned rest.  Today was supposed to be SeaWorld but given the feedback from friends that it was tired looking and seeing how tired Busch gardens was along with our concerns from press reports and documentaries and principles meant that we had chosen to stay on site. We were going to head over to Blizzard Beach or back to Typhoon Lagoon but tired feet and bodies needing a rest we opted to stay pool side most of the day.  I personally headed back to the room at about 1300 with minor sun stroke, as I knew we had cirque due Soleil in the evening and wanted to be well for that.

Our evening meal was at Wolfgang Pucks Grand Cafe, a restaurant themed around d the satirist Wolfgang Puck himself.  Food was general good and our waiter was excellent, upon finding I had a food I tolerance to Port brought across the head chef to discuss alternative options for sauces etc… for me.  I had the bacon wrapped m

eatloaf with mash potatoes and chicken stock.  The meatloaf was packed with flavour and a full hearty meal.  Desert was a key lime pie with Swiss meringue. Yummy.

Then came the highlight of the evening, Cirque du Soleil.  A long awaited experience given that this was a non-travelling show and specifically designed for Disney.  It was themed around a cleaner who had fallen asleep and was dreaming of her favourite Disney characters.  There were gingerbread men the door from monsters inc. There were nightmares too and some lively comic interludes.  Some of the most impressive moments of the evening were the house climbing scene and the bike scenes.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Right off to NASA today.  See you later