So today was the day we put aside to spend it at Kennedy Space Centre, launch control centre.  For me I was expecting this to be somewhat emotional given that from as early as I can remember I wanted to be an astronaut and on investigation I was gutted to find that my poor eye sight would prevent me from doing so.

Entry to the site was probably one of the most expensive of the all the trips so far at $150 for 3 adults, this however did include the KSC tour and the Hall of fame Astronauts museum a little further down the road.  Although to be fair this probably just felt expensive given that we had bought flexi-passes for the other theme parks in the area.

There were several real touching and amazing moments in the day including getting to walk the same platform into the Apollo module as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and co.  There is something very humbling about the whole experience and unearthly.  We topped photos of Jere with some amazing shots of the rocket garden, these will be added later.  I also got a photo taken within a shuttle capsule by some LATAM guests whom seemed really surprised that I could thank them in Portuguese – for those who were wondering fhw term is obrigado.

We choose to do the complete KSC tour and not disembark at the Apollo and Saturn discovery section due to time constraints but it was something we will go back and do when we come back and visit again soon.  When we were dropped back off at the main concourse we were near the Atlantis arena.  This resulted in another jaw dropping moment as it took us through a 12 minute presentation split into two sections.  The first was informative around building the shuttle and the problems encountered.  The second surrounded its maiden voyage and return to earth.  With an encompassing cinematography showing amazing footage and then the final event is just breath taking – I  won’t say what it was to spoil it for any of those who may go visit bit it is well worth the visit.

Both my husband and I were amazed by how much there was to do there and were disappointed we did not have more time to spend there and explore more.  We did however bor participate in the simulation of the launch which was an amazing experience and real good fun.  We also chatted with Docent who was the last person to see the astronauts into the capsule for the Apollo launch and had a lovely chat with him.  He also handed me a limited edition coin for Apollo which was printed in 2011 and has her reference number as her unique identifier.

That night we ate at Portobello Italian Trattoria in Downtown Disney ey.  I have to admit I was not entirely impressed, it was not that the food was bad but if you send out a half burnt chicken and serve it to paying customers really not a good move.  However to their credit when I raised a concern aboutit they replaced it without any question and got a perfectly cooked one back to me within 10 minutes.  Nonetheless it did leave an unsavoury taste in the mouth.  Desert we have the Biramsu which wasserved in a pint glass and was set to represent a pint of beer.  It was far lighter than it looked and it was delicious. 

An enjoyable day was had by all and tomorrow is our first trip to the Magic Kingdom woo hoo