Day 2 of our harry potter adventure was diagon alley and Islands of adventure.  The adventure really started when I decided to do my first bit of US driving. The simple matter was that it was not !y driving which was the problems but the braking, however, once I swapped  from using my left to my right foot the DRI e became easier and my passengers stopped getting whiplash!

Diagon Alley was one of those events which because it is removed from the park is fully immersive and leaves little room for interaction with the outside park.  Having eaten at the three broomsticks yesterday, today was the day of the leaky cauldron. The leaky cauldron had been promoted has doing English pub food healthily, an ironic thought to both my step daughter and I.  The food itself was delicious with lots of interesting drinks combination.

We then queued for our longest ride in the whole of our holiday which was escape from Gringotts.  A new 3d rollercoaster with the use of new technology on my previously used in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region .  Overall a thoroughly enjoyable and adrenaline fueled ride. 

We then wondered around knockturn alley, before opting to go and visitor Ollivanders wand shop. You are initially admitted in small numbers as a small wand choosing ceremony takes place with a chosen member of the audience – in this instance it was my step daughter who was chosen.  The actor playing Ollivander does a great job and goes through wand lore and the choosing of wands throughout the ceremony to the chosen one.

We then went to the ice cream parlour for some butter beer, toffee apple and chilli chocolate ice cream. After which we made the small walk round to Islands of adventure.  We quickly jumped onto the hulk ride which had only a 5 minute queue time before heading back to Hogsmeade for some present buying.  At which point it was time to head back to the resort before our evening meal at the boatswright cafe in Port Orleans Riverside.  The food was excellent, and was traditional southern food with Jambalaya, broths and fishes.  Food portions here were hearty to say the least and I struggled to finish my main course.  Nonetheless food was delicious and well worth a visit when we come back