Well it has come to that sad part of all holidays when once again it is time to pack cases and head back to normal life.  With this being my first visit to Disney I can honestly say it has not disappointed and yet I somehow feel disappointed. I only feel we have only scratched the surface and there is so much more to do and explore and so will look forward to being able to comeback and explore some more over the coming years. 

This holiday in itself has been invaluable on assessing food places, dining plans, ticketing options, transport links, clothes, shoes, luggage capabilities.

Vital for any trip to Disney is the planning, the more you can do before arriving the easier your trip will be once you are out here.  Key advice comfy shoes.  You may think your shoes are comfy but you will be working between 5 and 10 miles a day, I would suggest using trainers or investing in some Crocs.  I have found the pair I purchased out here invaluable.  Over the last 14 days my family and I have walked close to 120 miles, this includes a complete pool day and does not include the walking around Typhoon Lagoon when the pedometer was in the locker on both days.

Other trips and tips if you are looking at going to other parks invest in an Orlando flex pass ticket.  Invaluable and will save you money upon your third visit. 

A great family holiday good for all ages and disabilities. Excellent time was had by all.  Look out for my top rides and eateries coming shortly for your review