Hollywood studios I had little in the way of expectations of being told it was a half a park day and to some extent that is true if all you want to do is form a couple of the extreme rides there, but there is lots more to do if you want to take the time to explore, interact with etc…

Out first ride of the day was the Aerosmith ride.  Unbeknownst to all of us prior to ride is that we would be doing loop the loop and helixes on this ride in the dark.  With a magnetic launch equivalent to or slightly less than Rita at the beginning, however it was a fully enjoyable ride and would do again.  One ride we had all agreed was off the agenda whilst we were there was tower of terror, for no reason other than it pulled on already pre-existing lift fears and did not make us feel all warm and fluffy inside. 

We then did the great movie journey some parts perhaps a little freaky for small children.  We then followed this up with the Indiana stunt show, which was thoroughly enjoyable.  We then made our way round to the star tours.  We sat and watched some of the Jedi padawan training session before entering into star tours ride.  A nice gentle 3d simulator ride. 

We followed this up with muppets 3d which had a combination of motion imagery, and live performance and interaction, including the grumpy old men.  One of the most impressive things about this ride was the complete rebuilding of the actual Muppet theatre.

We then met up with Mike and Sully which was good fun.  We were planning on doing the backlog tour, but given that this was an hour and we only had 15 minutes to our next fast pass ride we had was for the event I was looking forward to which was lights motor action.

As such we started to make our way round to the necessary set, we got seated and the show began.  Unfortunately as a direct result of incoming weather front and then a mini tropical storm hitting the performance had to be cancelled.  As a result of this and once the storm had started to clear about 5 minutes later we wandered round to customer service to see if there was something we could do a out effectively our last fast pass.  They instantly loaded our passes  with a new free VIP fast pass for us once we had explained the situation,which we then promptly went and used on Toy Story Mania.  A laser shooting 3d game based around Andy’s toy box.

That night was also villians unleashed but having not bought tickets we headed back to the resort and our evening meal.  Tonight we were eating at Bingos – Cuban style food.  The restaurant is apparently owned by Gloria Estavan, which was kinda cool.  Unfortunately because we did not what one of the fancy drinks, mainly due to my allergy to rum, temperature of our waitress dropped dramatically.  Food generally was be y good though and portion sizes were good to the point that we could not manage desert.  We did box up deserts but at the end of the holiday we had not finished it.