Fiction Fragment: Spiritual Language

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I jus tlove the Swiss comment makes me smile everytime


This may or may not end up in the book somewhere but it works as a standalone rumination:

There’s always seemed to be this strange belief that psychic ability conveys a Rosetta Stone style translation effect that transcends time and linguistic drift. We’re not even talking the occasional ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ here, go read some Chaucer in the original verse, or try talking in Latin and then imagine what hoops the medium’s brain must be jumping through to produce modern English for an audience. No wonder the pronouncements are so bloody vague!

And don’t get me started on the belief that someone who talks to ghosts is going to be able to understand fairies or elves, let alone the crackles of fire elementals nestling in the local pub’s open log fire. That’s like speaking only French and expecting to be understood in a small village in Italy. Maybe that’s what…

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Sunday in the Park

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I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in West London, and as happy as I am to be rude about Hounslow I do have to concede that we have some amazing parks. One of those, Osterley, became something of a fixture for my family, and then in turn for the Charleesi as she has grown up too.

Maintained by the National Trust, Osterley is largely freely open to the public, and is used by families and dog-walkers all year round. In the summer, it’s a favourite for picnics, and if it snows you can barely move for snowmen.


Today, it was Charleesi’s turn to introduce someone new to it. She’d taken a few shots there recently with her new camera and mentioned in passing to Lady P that she thought it would make a good backdrop for cosplay pictures. With half an eye on the weather, the challenge was accepted…

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Tumblring Towards The Future

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Lottie Photography

I wasn’t sure when I was going to reveal this a now definitely a thing, but with the sudden leap in activity I figure this is a good a time as any to reveal it. I now have a Tumblr for lottiephotography, and you can have a look around the all-new site by clicking here.

I’ll be following back photography blogs and, obviously, the ones of those I know. If you already follow lottiephotography on WordPress and/or Twitter, just send me an ask and I’ll follow you back too.

As I said in my last updates post, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but I’m going to see what happens. It’s quite exciting to be launching something new within the same name as my WordPress Blog.

I figure it’ll also be a good place to answer questions people might have, which would otherwise be quite hard as…

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