I missed my hoolies

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So this week I missed my Hooligan D&D session due to a migraine attack, which continued to linger with me until late today.  I am now crossing my fingers and hoping the attack has passed so I can resume full and normal activities.  Despite this I have continued to work full steam ahead at my job and re-jiggled the Excel spreadsheet for the Hooligans, to allow the Excel Document to have a more appealing feel when looking and trying to come to grasps with data and information.  Everything is now feeling rather more pleasing.

Nonetheless during this time I have a new venture planned that I am going to start launching in the next few weeks, so look at for my updates and ways you can get involved to help drive development, interactions and all kinds of mayhem, support and fun

Chat soon


Hooliganism part 3

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This week we were missing a ranger and a thief in our midst, which by some strange chance meant no one died, although the Monk did his usual trick of nearly dying when we came face to face with several zombies.

Thankfully our Cleric remembered he had turn the un-dead and managed to do healing spells to kill some too.  I myself as a sorceress had  disrupt un-dead however, my pathetic attempt resulted in a spell bouncing of a wall and disappearing into a fizz of nothingness.  Nonetheless my archery skills proved more popular by at least causing some damage and disruption along the way.

We also had the joy of encountering a hoard of flying bats, which we successfully shut the door on to prevent any from escaping or being accidentally set on fire we would not want a repeat of the Eberron sessions on a Monday night.  However despite removing ourselves from that problem we then encountered an over-sized Nagini, which was taken out with several bows arrows and spells galore.

Trumping ever deeper into the midst and the darkness we encountered green goo’ blob’ style which we could only extinguish with flames.  Being the inventive lot we are we had kindling, used the torch light from the ranger and began firing lighted arrows straight at the goo until they dissolved away into nothingness.

The session itself was left on a cliff hanger with 8 zombies either being turned away or returned to their cells, the monk cowering behind a tower and the cleric surrounded by the remaining 3.  However the evil plan of using and turning our water-skins into holy water, may yet pay dividends and bring the encounter to an early end at the beginning of this weeks session only time will tell if holy water is as good as it appears to be? can the monk survive another near death experience? Does Onator really protect?

Questions left unanswered until the next chapter of Hooliganism part 4

No Hooligans this week

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So as a result of the Bank holiday weekend and family commitments the meeting of the Holigan DnD session was postponed for a week.  As a result this give me the option to do some nifty formulae and spreadsheet work allowing the teams to be able to quickly and easily see progress and updates on the stats, inventory and other ad hoc information as needed.

It took my most of the day to work out the necessary formulae – cause I can sometimes be dumb in that arena, and then transpose across into a working format into my spreadsheet, along with the necessary testing to make sure it was nto going to fall over.

However, it is now all done and dusted, meaning moving forwards things should become a lot easier to manage, update and inform as we go along.

Take a long at the work and feedback would be appreciate.


Stats and inventory

Hooliganism PT2

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The following weeks session of last weeks DnD session was postponed due to  various real life commitments taking precedence. Nonetheless we reconvened last week to re-commence the ongoing adventures.

Unfortunately we were minus the Orc due to work commitments, but we opted given the Thief’s uncanny ability to maim and damage the Orc, his punishment was to drive Skull Fury for the week as penitence for his actions.

The action continued as the team were hunted down by an oversized spider and a set of goblins one of which was shamanistic in nature.  Luckily most goblins were destroyed bar one, although damage to the team at times was life threatening, with the Orc taking yet another critical blow and putting him unconscious once again, and with the War- Forged Susan with the spring style deadlocks being shut down, the team had to pull together to overcome the hordes of goblins that they had stumbled upon.

Thankfully the Sorceress recalled she could call for help with animals from other realms and so summoned spiders to harness the power of the ether to take out the necessary goblins before choosing to rest, re-power up the War-Forged and re-heal the Monk.

The team is currently resting in one of the early tunnels after booby-trapping the known exists and goblin room to allow for effective rest and recuperation before re-convening after the Easter break.

Next steps include examining the other corridors that remain untouched at present and make our way back to the goblin room, to try and hunt out the escaped leader and establish what is causing the problems with the weather condition outside the castle ruins

Hooliganism DND part 1

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So as many of you may or may not know if you follow my husband Lord M he is an active gamer and DM (Dungeon Master) for a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) group on a Monday night.  He has also had the privilege of being in negotiations earlier this year to be a professional DM but the company were not quite at the size to actively want to hire a person from across the pond, as a result of tax implications and complexities – naturally understandably.  Nonetheless he remains on good terms with the owners and users their site (Roll 20) for managing his Monday night sessions.

Along with his gaming Lord M has a refined love for coffee.  We are lucky to have an amazing coffee shop now in our local Tescos, Harris & Hoole and the works of said shop are named as Hooligans.  As part of many of his wonderful conversations with the staff and management team it materialised that many of them were gamers, and loved table top gaming such as D&D.  Given that they knew Lord M ran a Monday night session it was proposed that he managed a hooligans group.

So on a blustery Sunday afternoon in late March the first session of the group was held.  We consisted of two elves; one a sorceress the other an artificer who got banned form the local university for bringing back to life a war-forged by the name of Susan.  The three of them travel together somewhat like raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the galaxy.  They are then matched up with a Half-Orc Monk, a Human  Ranger ; a dwarven  Cleric and a  (tbc) thief.

The running gag of the first session was that the eleven Sorceress’ Toad had more hit points than the elf herself and would often blend into the background using the toad’s capabilities of hide given their telepathic link and ability to share magic and requirements as needed.

Things in and off themselves went rather well until the 3ft Thief thought he could shoot over the 6ft plus Orc to take out the enemies, only for SkullFury (The Orc) to take an arrow to the head leaving him unconscious and dying on the floor of the cavern.  The jest of all jokes were then flung directly at said thief, whose naturally focus was questioned and if it was the fact that SkullFury had only a loin cloth on caused to much of a distraction and if he needed more cover when shooting in future.

Nonetheless our most holy Cleric of Onator was able to provide healing to bring him back to the living and much of the rest of the session went without incident, leaving us resting and recovering in a small cavern before part 2 commenced the following week with more tension than one could imagine

RMT ASSISTANCE, and work life cross over

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Somehow along the way over the chaos of the last 12 weeks my life seems to have numerous unexpected twists and turns.

In January this year I embarked upon a new adventure. Leaving my old company behind whom I had been with for a little over 2 years and was extremely excited to be working for given that they were a life long dream company a hard decision to part ways had to made. A decision purely made on career development, closer to home, better life choices and family time and being able to have more energy and social time were big factors. This does not mean my new job is less demanding if anything it is more but the capacity to be home before 1800 most nights and really make a change makes a huge change to stress levels, working capacity and ability to function on a simple day to day level.

The block of flats, we have now been living at for the last 4 years as taken on its own right to manage the block itself and so because of my skill sets and what I do in my day to day life I was asked if I can manage and organise renewals of the building insurance, which has proved inordinately difficult, nonetheless we still have over 6 weeks before the current policy lapses and I will engage Lord M to pick up some of the slack this week for me on this one. I have also actively sent out an RFQ (Request For Quotes) this week to local cleaners and window cleaners to have the communal areas, cleaned and managed from an ongoing perspective on an initial 12 month term. I am currently awaiting the return of said documents so I can pass back to the management team to review and make a decision as to why? Again since our Right To Manage (RT,) does not take effect until 27th April we have nearly a full month to complete these requirements without interruptions to our BAU (Business As Usual) processes. However, continuing my day job at home as at times been taxing, especially if I had a long day which has involved doing 8 hours of negotiation with the same company over the course of 3 different areas within the same day. My brain and I did not want to sit and then start on the personal. So I set today to set aside and catch up on the pending tasks and requirements.

All immediate requirements have started and are now in the process with the management team updated and informed accordingly. Its now a wait and see game. However amongst this I still have my day to day tasks to do which includes completing my professional study requirements for my pending exam in June, this will then complete 4/5s of the study requirements for level 4. I have also some how been asked to manage and write up the requirements for the newly formed Hooligans D&D sessions as well as try and manage some sense of normality – which at the best of times can be problematic- along with have a social life and balance funds for the inordinate number of big birthdays this year.

Already this year we have had 3 40th birthdays one 39th in the first quarter. I have also managed to miss 2 of these due to financial restraints, exhaustion, ill health or any combination of the three. Despite this I still have a 70th, a wedding, 2x 16th, 2x holidays to plan one for the double 16ths, and one for my 40th to put into place and action. This does not defer from all other activities and requirements that have to be ongoing too. I am sure in the list of celebrations peoples birthdays have been missed or way laid somewhere along the way. I just fear the next 3 years are going to be very expensive.

Nonetheless, I am continuing to rise to the challenge and the requirements as needed and will continue to pick my moments and events as carefully as possible to prevent burn out, missed opportunities or other such requirements as needed.

Happy holidays