So as many of you may or may not know if you follow my husband Lord M he is an active gamer and DM (Dungeon Master) for a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) group on a Monday night.  He has also had the privilege of being in negotiations earlier this year to be a professional DM but the company were not quite at the size to actively want to hire a person from across the pond, as a result of tax implications and complexities – naturally understandably.  Nonetheless he remains on good terms with the owners and users their site (Roll 20) for managing his Monday night sessions.

Along with his gaming Lord M has a refined love for coffee.  We are lucky to have an amazing coffee shop now in our local Tescos, Harris & Hoole and the works of said shop are named as Hooligans.  As part of many of his wonderful conversations with the staff and management team it materialised that many of them were gamers, and loved table top gaming such as D&D.  Given that they knew Lord M ran a Monday night session it was proposed that he managed a hooligans group.

So on a blustery Sunday afternoon in late March the first session of the group was held.  We consisted of two elves; one a sorceress the other an artificer who got banned form the local university for bringing back to life a war-forged by the name of Susan.  The three of them travel together somewhat like raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the galaxy.  They are then matched up with a Half-Orc Monk, a Human  Ranger ; a dwarven  Cleric and a  (tbc) thief.

The running gag of the first session was that the eleven Sorceress’ Toad had more hit points than the elf herself and would often blend into the background using the toad’s capabilities of hide given their telepathic link and ability to share magic and requirements as needed.

Things in and off themselves went rather well until the 3ft Thief thought he could shoot over the 6ft plus Orc to take out the enemies, only for SkullFury (The Orc) to take an arrow to the head leaving him unconscious and dying on the floor of the cavern.  The jest of all jokes were then flung directly at said thief, whose naturally focus was questioned and if it was the fact that SkullFury had only a loin cloth on caused to much of a distraction and if he needed more cover when shooting in future.

Nonetheless our most holy Cleric of Onator was able to provide healing to bring him back to the living and much of the rest of the session went without incident, leaving us resting and recovering in a small cavern before part 2 commenced the following week with more tension than one could imagine