The following weeks session of last weeks DnD session was postponed due to  various real life commitments taking precedence. Nonetheless we reconvened last week to re-commence the ongoing adventures.

Unfortunately we were minus the Orc due to work commitments, but we opted given the Thief’s uncanny ability to maim and damage the Orc, his punishment was to drive Skull Fury for the week as penitence for his actions.

The action continued as the team were hunted down by an oversized spider and a set of goblins one of which was shamanistic in nature.  Luckily most goblins were destroyed bar one, although damage to the team at times was life threatening, with the Orc taking yet another critical blow and putting him unconscious once again, and with the War- Forged Susan with the spring style deadlocks being shut down, the team had to pull together to overcome the hordes of goblins that they had stumbled upon.

Thankfully the Sorceress recalled she could call for help with animals from other realms and so summoned spiders to harness the power of the ether to take out the necessary goblins before choosing to rest, re-power up the War-Forged and re-heal the Monk.

The team is currently resting in one of the early tunnels after booby-trapping the known exists and goblin room to allow for effective rest and recuperation before re-convening after the Easter break.

Next steps include examining the other corridors that remain untouched at present and make our way back to the goblin room, to try and hunt out the escaped leader and establish what is causing the problems with the weather condition outside the castle ruins