This week we were missing a ranger and a thief in our midst, which by some strange chance meant no one died, although the Monk did his usual trick of nearly dying when we came face to face with several zombies.

Thankfully our Cleric remembered he had turn the un-dead and managed to do healing spells to kill some too.  I myself as a sorceress had  disrupt un-dead however, my pathetic attempt resulted in a spell bouncing of a wall and disappearing into a fizz of nothingness.  Nonetheless my archery skills proved more popular by at least causing some damage and disruption along the way.

We also had the joy of encountering a hoard of flying bats, which we successfully shut the door on to prevent any from escaping or being accidentally set on fire we would not want a repeat of the Eberron sessions on a Monday night.  However despite removing ourselves from that problem we then encountered an over-sized Nagini, which was taken out with several bows arrows and spells galore.

Trumping ever deeper into the midst and the darkness we encountered green goo’ blob’ style which we could only extinguish with flames.  Being the inventive lot we are we had kindling, used the torch light from the ranger and began firing lighted arrows straight at the goo until they dissolved away into nothingness.

The session itself was left on a cliff hanger with 8 zombies either being turned away or returned to their cells, the monk cowering behind a tower and the cleric surrounded by the remaining 3.  However the evil plan of using and turning our water-skins into holy water, may yet pay dividends and bring the encounter to an early end at the beginning of this weeks session only time will tell if holy water is as good as it appears to be? can the monk survive another near death experience? Does Onator really protect?

Questions left unanswered until the next chapter of Hooliganism part 4