Another Sunday another DnD session began.  This week we picked up where we left off fighting the Duids of flaming eye evil.  Grim Tooth started strongly with a sling throw splattering one druid if one can call them that in the head.  This was followed with Susan producing a cleaved style shot into another.  Baylan follows this up with a back stab as S’yvien summons a Viper, whilst Susan busies herself with another devastating blow.  Grim Tooth follows this up with another blowing shot from the fists.  Baylan determined not to be outdone by the Orc & War-forged on the team takes up his crossbow and strikes an amazing shot right between the eyes, as he keels over like a Unicorn on a Voldermort day.

Out of the conjured Portal S’yvien’s Viper appears and strikes out at the nearest druid causing his arm to shrivel with the Poison injected. The Viper hisses at her victorious strike.

Grim Tooth dodges the hits thrown at him and takes another druid out with his powerful blows, dodging opportunities of attack.  OfGam (the Cleric) does a death defying damage on another but fails to put it in its grave, but Baylan follows this up with a successful back stab as he crumples into nothing and follows this with a double blow to his neighbour with a hit straight into the kidneys.

Suddenly and out of nowhere a deafening silence then descends the hall from no where. S’yvien identifies the spell as silent and although action can be seen no noise emanates from the room.  It is very much like watching an action film on silent. Gwen & S’yvien as they look on from the corridor just outside the spells parameters.

The Druid’s of flaming eye fire aimlessly into the battle during this period and the confusion causes of sudden silences causes them to miss and take down several colleagues during a reign of friendly fire.

Lily however, keeps her composure and does severe damage.  Gwen attempts her magic stone spell but misses, however as a newly formed spell, she is still mastering the techniques of such magic.  Nonetheless the Viper circles his already wounded victim and follows this with a successful blow causing him to wither and shrivel into nothingness. All that was left was a jumble of clothes and bubbling motion from the chemical reaction that has taken place between the venom and the human Druidic matter.

Susan then steps forward and squishes the Vipers’ partner death in a single blow, whilst OfGam is busy fighting off another.  The druids attempt to hit Susan but miss and in a blind sided attack Susan hits them with her Sword swatting them away and killing them like flies.  This is followed by a temporary moment of panic as Susan appears to shut down before re-emerging brighter as she mutters something about ‘being blinded’.  Gwen noticing that OfGam is now down goes to heal the Cleric, as S’yvien once again attempts her Acid Splash spell and fails.

Grim Tooth nonetheless manages to throw some punches  before running away as Lily loads some crossbow shots into the fight.  Baylan tumbles through the masses and finds himself face to face with the Head Druid and 2x bouncers, one of which manages to get in a successful shot and knocks Baylan unconscious on the floor.  In anger Lily swings her master work sword and successfully halves one of the Druids in one swift blow. S’y vien seeing a gap in the fighting takes aim with her composite long bow and shoots.  It hits and blasts him off his feet and straight into the wall as he collapses in a heap.  OfGam takes off a hit with his battle-axe and kills his local opponent.

The druids then turn their attentions briefly to Baylan who appears to all to be dead.  The rest of the group think he has been taking lessons from Grim Tooth’s fake heart attacks from last week.  Gwyn then spots an attack of opportunity and takes out another Druid.

The Head Druid then casts a further spell which none can identify shimmers and takes a step back.  Gwyn fires another cross-bolt and does some damage. Susan follows this with another cleave action creating more damage as Grim Tooth throws another sling and creates a solid hit to the head, breaking the head Druids’ concentration in relation to spells.    One of the bouncers attempts to hit Susan but misses quite dramatically.  The head druid casts a further spell at Lily who flees from the fight out of the silence into where S’yvien is waiting screaming.  Her suddenly audible screams  shock her out of the spell as she turns and flees back into the fight.  She retaliates with a crucial blow to one of the nearby humans.  Susan receives a hit from the druids causing damage, which Gwyn heals.

The Head Druid casts another spell which S’yvien fails to recognise or understand, whilst the spell is being cast Lily does another damaging blow with her sword. and so moves into the room with the Head Druid.  After being healed Susan comes back stronger and serves a damaging blow as OfGam hits one of the bouncers.  Baylan now convinced that no one is now paying him any attention crawls his away over to S’yvien who is stood hiding in the corner.  The bouncers hit OfGam and follows through with such a damaging blow to Grim Tooth that he goes down.

The Druids suddenly now seem to have revitalised energy.  Seeing the falling Grim Tooth, Lily drives her anger straight at the nearest Druid and hits him.  S’yvien follows this with a successful acid splash at the head Druid in the face, which is followed by a cross bolt to the bouncer.  Baylan manages a successful back stab at one of the bouncers who hits back at him and makes contact.  Lily follows this with a successful cross bolt to the head in a crunching penetration as the bolt goes through his skull  and into the brain.  Gwyn performs further healing on OfGam as Susan does a crushing blow taking down the last remaining bouncer.   The Head Druid goes for Susan and misses Lily slashes him with her sword as S’yvien provides a crossbolt to his neck piercing his gullet, spine, voice box and leaves him to crumble and gurgle to the floor.

The team rush over to Grim Tooth who has not moved since falling, the team assume he is performing a fake heart attack.  OfGam goes over to wake him and tell him the battle is over, but notices there is no rise and fall in his chest.  He checks for breathing and sees none.  He passes small prayer of Onator over Grim Tooth’s body, closes his eyes, stands and faces his new-found friends as he pronounces the passing of Grim Tooth.

Each of the group pass over his body saying some words of condolences before removing his consumables and burning his body to the ground as per his last dying wish.  On that word, the group collapsed into a heap and drank and ate to Grim Tooth’s passing before falling drunkenly asleep in the now safe guarded room of the Flaming eye Druids