It is with deepest sympathy that today we announce the loss of a dear friend to us all Grim Tooth.  A loyal follower of his calling to monkshood, he led a pious life.  His life was one often filled with many hardships and trials that many of us can never truly understand.  As an Half Orc he never truly fitted into any community or Commune and often felt out of place even within his own Monastic order.  As such and as part of his ongoing travel and journey into his solicitory life of piety he took some time away to follow a life of preaching and meditation.  It was during these travels he met with his current travelling companions, whom by many descriptions was an odd collection of a Human Ranger, a War-forged Fighter, an Elven Artificer & Sorceress, a Dwarfen Cleric & Halfling Rogue.

OfGam (The Cleric) and Grim Tooth developed a strong bond and would spend many hours discussing the principles of Theology and varying interpretations of the sacred texts with Grim Tooth taking a good understand of the Onatarian principles and would often engage and listen eagerly to OfGam’s Monday Sermons.

Many of the others found him intimidating due to his unnatural size which was in excess of 7ft for his kind.  This was not helped as due to his monastic orders  his body was covered in only a purple loin cloth to preserve dignity for it was said in his order, if the Holy Orders had deemed for him to be covered they would make it so.  So far he had not found the way to such enlightenment or blessed favour.  Nonetheless, this had resulted in many of his more recent battle wounds, as his minimum clothing and height caused a distraction for some of the group whilst in battle resulting in misdirected weapons finding their way into the back of his skull, shaving his ear and other co-incidental scars that now covered Grim Tooth’s body.  As a result of these scars there was always an un-easy relationship between Grim Tooth & Baylan (Halfling Rogue), who had caused many of these additional body scarring.

Nonetheless he learnt that often that what we most want, can not be obtained without war or peace and as such he went on his way and assisted in the groups fight against evil, and would often use the only skill he had available which was that of his size and his fists to help his team won those battles that they fought together as a group and was learning being a monk of solitude perhaps would not change the world but a monk of thought and freedom and crusading could possible do so.

He met his end amidst pitch battle protecting others less capable than his self, and so I ask for you to raise a glass and take a bit of this food and praise that his future journey is filled with joy and happiness, and the contentment that he could not find in this world.

To our one and only Grim Tooth


Grim Tooth

*Hic cup*