This photographer is up & coming; bright and eager with a raw talent. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves and that someone snaps her up to give her a great career in Photography, or Photo Journalism- she deserves it

Lottie Photography


In the few months I’ve been absent, I’ve completely changed my photography style and am now in the process of starting back up a new photography blog. Unfortunately, it’s over on tumblr, so this blog will become an archive of everything I achieved in 2014-15.

If you want to continue to support me (and thank you all for continuing to support me) you can visit me over at:

Tumblr & Deviantart

(where I will/am be posting all my photography)

Facebook ~ Instagram ~ G+

(where I will post updates and the very best of my gallery)

And now, some samples of my current work to explain why you should be following the all-new Mundane Photography:

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