Day 6 relax day

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So after several days of running around theme parks for the last 5 days adopted to take a well earned rest.  Today was supposed to be SeaWorld but given the feedback from friends that it was tired looking and seeing how tired Busch gardens was along with our concerns from press reports and documentaries and principles meant that we had chosen to stay on site. We were going to head over to Blizzard Beach or back to Typhoon Lagoon but tired feet and bodies needing a rest we opted to stay pool side most of the day.  I personally headed back to the room at about 1300 with minor sun stroke, as I knew we had cirque due Soleil in the evening and wanted to be well for that.

Our evening meal was at Wolfgang Pucks Grand Cafe, a restaurant themed around d the satirist Wolfgang Puck himself.  Food was general good and our waiter was excellent, upon finding I had a food I tolerance to Port brought across the head chef to discuss alternative options for sauces etc… for me.  I had the bacon wrapped m

eatloaf with mash potatoes and chicken stock.  The meatloaf was packed with flavour and a full hearty meal.  Desert was a key lime pie with Swiss meringue. Yummy.

Then came the highlight of the evening, Cirque du Soleil.  A long awaited experience given that this was a non-travelling show and specifically designed for Disney.  It was themed around a cleaner who had fallen asleep and was dreaming of her favourite Disney characters.  There were gingerbread men the door from monsters inc. There were nightmares too and some lively comic interludes.  Some of the most impressive moments of the evening were the house climbing scene and the bike scenes.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Right off to NASA today.  See you later


1st week over

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Well the first week of the New Year is over and the first three days back in the office have been a mixture of highs and stresses all combined into one.  Although most of the stresses have been a result of other people not handling their work load and then making it my problem.  On the plus side though I have  had one person change their opinion about me and I have lots to do on Monday and not enough hours to do everything in so god knows how that is going to go – oh well must get busy and all that.  Better than say twiddling my thumbs say they so.  Big renewal this month too so really lots to do and conversations to be had.

Aside from that things are ticking along nicely, have started on my get fit regime and since Saturday last week, I have managed to lose 4 lbs already of my weight which is nice lets hope it keeps going, although I am struggling with the amount food I am supposed to eat –  it feels like I am eating loads and I am finding that hard. so may have to adopt a little and often approach to the eating during the day.

Not started my swimming yet at work but will keep going at it and taking the costume in until I get there, and I really should since I have a free gym at work.  It may be when I get fuzzy I then use that as the excuse to go swimming to help clear my head and backing this up with the 1/2 hour dancing I should quickly shed the 3 stone (42 lbs) before November.

Oh yes, I never said did I, we booked our honeymoon on New Years day, to coincide with my birthday this year giving me something to look forward to and enjoy, and hopefully it will be the start to me looking forward to my birthday as opposed to dreading it – fingers crossed.  We have chosen a lovely resort in the Maldives in south Atoll for 14 nights called Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa, which includes a water hut so we can look below to see the Indian Ocean everyday, with lots of options for diving too, I found, so I am really excited about that as well.  The chance to dive with barracuda, Reef and white Nosed Reef sharks, doing night dives, caverns and reef is getting  my buzzing almost as much as going on the honeymoon itself.  Unfortunately hubby can’t dive due to perforated eardrums, but have suggested he come out on the boat and bubble watch, where he can relax and watch me under the waves, the water is so clear he should not have any real issues with that.

However, before getting out there I would like to do my refresher course and complete and get to advanced and put some more dives in the log book and maybe buy some fins.  Hubby has already done research on the injections which means I have to go speak with my doctors at some point in March boo I hate my doctors but need must as the devil drives and all that.

Anyway I guess that is enough about me waffling for now, I am going to attempt the daily prompt in a bit so I guess you should see another post from me shortly, otherwise enjoy your day.

Resolutions, Solutions bleh

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It is that time of year now when people starting talking about resolutions and what they want to do next year. Very simply put it is something they are going to be resolute about not falter or fail nor deviate from.  This is what their greatest achievement will be for the year ahead.  The problem with this is that you are setting yourself up to fail.  Some of the things that have inspired me over the last 12 months are other people’s resolutions and how they have been termed.  My favourite has to be the bucket list always fun and lively and about following ideals and having new experiences.

For me this time of year between Christmas and New year ,like many is for reflection on what has passed, have I grown and changed are there things I no longer like about me and want to change if so what is it?  and how?

Do I set up myself up to fail I used to, then I changed my perspective on things and created my yearly wish list.  Why do I say wish list as opposed to resolution, it is because these are the things I wish for myself next year and would like to try to make it  happen.  They are not a  given but there are is also no self recriminations towards myself if I should happen to fail or not achieve my desire or my goal.  It gives me the chance to look at what went wrong and try something new next year in achieving the goal.

Last years wish list was not so grand as in previous years and consisted of two main requests

  1. Get married and make it a day to remember
  2. Find a permanent job

Okay so the first was a given, the date was booked, the venue nearly paid for and this time last year my partner and I were in the final throes of wedding panic as the day drew closer.  For me though I was not sure if my father was going to be there, I was dis-heartened as most of my family had decided I was not worth the effort.  On my wedding day my family attendance consisted of my father and sister.  My aunt and her husband along with her daughter’s family which was her husband and daughter too.  Leading up to the day I was feeling dejected as a result of this and had people dropping out the day before and two no shows on the day which hurt and just told me how rude people are.  Since then I have had people who have cut me out of their life and it has been the wedding which has shown me who my friends are and who are not my friends.  Some I have been sad to lose others I have been so long char-chi have a nice life.  Nonetheless it is always hard to say goodbye to friends even if the latter applies.

Nonetheless, I have had a growing feeling over the last year that my friends are growing more and more transient in nature and that as a friend I am there to heal people and make them feel better and lead them to a better way.  Once this way has been done and they have transgressed forwards and moved forwards it is time to leave me behind for pastures new.  A realisation or a deluded self belief in relation to this has led me to change the way I interact with people, as I can no longer bare the pain of being ‘used’ for want of a better word and then being discarded like an old rag.  I broke the chains with family and ex-partners as a result of this it has taken me a longer lesson to learn with the friends but I am learning.

Don’t get me wrong I wont ever turn my back on a friend but I am not going to consume myself with them and their lives I am going to live and live my life my way and if people want to come along great if not then that is their decision not mine.

The second was far more challenging.  Going into this year I was in a maternity cover role which was due to expire at the end of March, it then got extended until end of May and then until July.  I was hoping this meant that I was going to get a permanent position but no.  This frustrated me, but I had been working on the role not being made permanent, so had already made lots of contacts and had job interviews already lined up, prior to the contract eventually coming to an end.   Unfortunately it then took me another 14 weeks before I was able to find secure work.  However the hard work and the effort applied to the job hunting was worth it – see my blogs in relation to this – there are too numerous to list here.  I now work for an amazing company one that I have wanted to work for since I was at University, doing a job I want to do on a salary that can support both my husband and I comfortably, giving him the time to focus on his writing and doing what he loves without him feeling any pressure that he needs to support and provide in a financial sense.  Nonetheless he is to continue with his part-time work which more than anything as he says keeps him sane in times of madness.

This year I suspect the list may be somewhat longer and more demanding and will include things like

  1. Clear my credit card and keep it clear – always a challenge – usually manage 2 months and then pull it out for big expenses
  2. Go on honeymoon – problem is we don’t know where to go although we have got it down to four locations:  1)Maldives, which was our first choice from day one, 2) Bora Bora,  3)Cancun secondary back up choice based on costs and 4) Cuba
  3. Buy me a new laptop
  4. Buy me a SLR camera
  5. Get fit – a bi-product is losing weight which is the real goal but when I say lose weight I get frustrated lose focus so for me to say get fit it is actually more beneficial in that it gets me active again and I have missed being active ever since prolapsing my discs and not being able to do the things I used to love doing.
  6. Get my husband to finish his book and send to publishers
  7. Be happy and enjoy life
  8. Take my step daughter on holiday somewhere she can get a stamp in her passport
  9. Celebrate our first year wedding anniversary in style
  10. Save for our own place
  11. Pass probation at work – which has curiosity would have it falls on our wedding anniversary weekend woo hoo and celebrate in style
  12. Spend time with friends and family
  13. Get back to my diving
  14. Start dancing again – Ballroom and Latin

Not a lot really and some of it is really materialistic but I think this comes from not being able to have been able to buy anything really for a long time.  This urge will quickly diminish and I will go back to thrifty me. thus enabling some of the other events to happen also like the holidays and house saving etc…

I already feel full of hope and promise moving forwards into the new year and I am excited to face it head on and be ready for whatever comes my way.

So to end this may I wish you all a good, fruitful and productive New Year with lots of joy, happiness and enjoyment with few tears along the way

Happy new year everyone



I wish I were


I would like to say in another time or place, or even  anywhere but here right now.  My mood is bordering on, shall we say, not the best.I am cold, and feeling the start of a bad head cold, which leaves me to think whether I need to cancel my birthday night out on Saturday.  I am missing my mum and pondering on better times.

However I still don’t want to be anywhere else right now.  Why?  I believe in that your are where you are supposed to be in any given moment in time, gives me focus.  It reminds me that when times are tough, I am here to learn something.  There is something currently missing from my armoury that I need to be able to move forwards with my life.  Often I wont know what that is until that time has passed. The problem that was making me want to be somewhere else is no longer relevant, but the sun is shining and everything is bright and breezy once more.  So for now I am going to focus on the here and now.  Remember that each day is precious; life is short, but it needs living.

As they say dance like no one is watching.  Sing like a Diva and most importantly smile.  Why because people think you have a secret and it confuses them as Lily Allen once said.  There is something very simple about a smile that does a thousand and one things.  By forcing yourself to smile you are in effect raising your own mood, there is something that such a simple action can alter your own mood.  Imagine how one small action like that can affect your mood, how it can also effect everyone else around you.

So yes life is not great at the moment, but I am smiling like I don’t care.  Enjoying not having to go out into the cold at the moment, and can stay home wrapped up warm… except at the moment where I am absolutely freezing.  Layers all the way at the moment in keeping warm it is.

So for where I wish I were right now?  The answer quite simply is here at my PC writing this prose for you all to enjoy

Big smiles and love all round



The weekend is here

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However I am not sure I can rest and take my eye of things that need to be done

I still need to prepare for my interview on Monday, why have I not done this yet?  Well I had another interview to prepare for this afternoon, had several conversations with agents concerning other roles and done my normal job hunting on top as well.  With the lack of sleep as noted by my earlier post today ‘The one where they don’t sleep all night‘.  I can only say that I am feeling somewhat drained.

Having also committed myself to a girlie night on Saturday I think Sunday will be time for Hubby and I to spend together.  We may even open a bottle of wine tonight, stick on a DVD and chill.  It has been a while since we have not really had time to spend with each other.

We are very much used to having some concentrated time with each other regardless of how busy our week has been.  This week has thrown us both into complete dis-array with the lack of time we have had.  Partially because of how busy I have been on the job fronts, with conversations and interviews, but also because he has been busy on his own individual projects and tasks.

I was hoping at some point today to be able to do some more work on my poetry that I have been working on.  However has of yet this has not materialised, I think I may have to set my task to  complete my editing by the end of November, rather than starting another project for NANOWRIMO.  Not entirely the object of the month but it will force me to do some work each day on it, if nothing else.  Then if I manage to finalize it, then start work on the intended project and deadlines and see how far I can manifest the story through.

The premise for the Jellied man is as follows

A man tries to keep both his marriage and his business together after his partner disappears and his wife has an affair.  Can his business, marriage and himself, come away from this unscathed? or will he lose everything in the process?


The man his wife had an affair with was his business partner

The business partner is not entirely human

The opening paragraph

James sat at his kitchen table reading the morning newspapers.  His glass of freshly squeezed juice sat next to him.  Baby Thomas was sat in his high chair playing with his toast.  J. , James’ wife, supplied a fresh round of toast to the table along with a freshly brewed cafetière and went back to making the tradition Monday morning breakfast of Scrambled Eggs, with a Benedict sauce.

“How did you sleep?” asked James

“Well, all things considered.  I just find the bed a little large for ….” James looked up from the paper and frowned, which stopped her mid-sentence.  Her demeanour and position sagged as she continued to prepare the breakfast.  The mood of the morning now darkened. James ignored the change of posture in his wife’s stature and returned to his newspaper has if nothing had passed between them.  He continued to turn the pages of the newspaper, in a very nonchalantly manner of those early in the morning, scanning for some interesting tit-bit but not really focussing on what was there in front of him.

James suddenly jumped up from the breakfast table in a state of mild panic and unruly excitement for this time of the morning.  “I’ve got to go”, he said curtly to J as he kissed Thomas tenderly on the forehead.

“What’s up?”

“Page 26” was his only response, before gathering together the paper, and those scattered around the table. He grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and took the slice of un-buttered toast from his breakfast plate, before slamming the front door firmly shut behind him and making his way in the office.


Feedback on what you think would be appreciated


Have a good weekend and images of girls on the toon will appear shortly

The Love kick starts again

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Not a term I would normally use to describe how I feel about job hunting and the like.  However at my third attempt to write today’s blog I am hoping this will prove my inspirational than my other attempts.  It turns out that sleeping in and turning your mobile to silent is not a good thing when you go to bed or sleep these days.  For the first time in I don’t know how long I slept past 0800 GMT on my natural sleep pattern.  Although a blessing I woke with my eyes feeling heavy and dreary and panicked when I saw my clock say 1030.  Normally I would have been up drank at least two cups of tea and been 1/4 of the way through my job searches but not today.  Looking at my mobile I noticed several missed calls, voice mails, infinite emails and texts to deal with too.  Today was not boding well on calmness fronts.

So I started with the obvious missed calls and voice mails which turned into lengthy conversations about a potential job role so woo hoo a nice start to the day.  So it continues since then the phone has done nothing but ring off the hook with headhunters calls, calls from agencies where I have applied for jobs for and then some interesting twists on existing roles.

To add to my feeling of panic I suddenly realized that I still have to prep for a telephone interview that I have tomorrow, and for a big interview on Monday too and I just felt to be honest a little over whelmed and fatigued by everything that was going on.

So why the title to this blog, well all day now all I have had the tune to this song The love kick starts again, from Example running through my head with me on an empty dance floor and a single spot light focused on me doing some random dance to this song.  Welcome to my world.  The world inside my head can often be a place of restful composure and relaxation but today I seem to be literally dancing myself stupid.

However for me now it is time to re-start my love kick of job hunting once more, so enjoy the rest of your day and I will catch you later