Grim Tooths Eulogy

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It is with deepest sympathy that today we announce the loss of a dear friend to us all Grim Tooth.  A loyal follower of his calling to monkshood, he led a pious life.  His life was one often filled with many hardships and trials that many of us can never truly understand.  As an Half Orc he never truly fitted into any community or Commune and often felt out of place even within his own Monastic order.  As such and as part of his ongoing travel and journey into his solicitory life of piety he took some time away to follow a life of preaching and meditation.  It was during these travels he met with his current travelling companions, whom by many descriptions was an odd collection of a Human Ranger, a War-forged Fighter, an Elven Artificer & Sorceress, a Dwarfen Cleric & Halfling Rogue.

OfGam (The Cleric) and Grim Tooth developed a strong bond and would spend many hours discussing the principles of Theology and varying interpretations of the sacred texts with Grim Tooth taking a good understand of the Onatarian principles and would often engage and listen eagerly to OfGam’s Monday Sermons.

Many of the others found him intimidating due to his unnatural size which was in excess of 7ft for his kind.  This was not helped as due to his monastic orders  his body was covered in only a purple loin cloth to preserve dignity for it was said in his order, if the Holy Orders had deemed for him to be covered they would make it so.  So far he had not found the way to such enlightenment or blessed favour.  Nonetheless, this had resulted in many of his more recent battle wounds, as his minimum clothing and height caused a distraction for some of the group whilst in battle resulting in misdirected weapons finding their way into the back of his skull, shaving his ear and other co-incidental scars that now covered Grim Tooth’s body.  As a result of these scars there was always an un-easy relationship between Grim Tooth & Baylan (Halfling Rogue), who had caused many of these additional body scarring.

Nonetheless he learnt that often that what we most want, can not be obtained without war or peace and as such he went on his way and assisted in the groups fight against evil, and would often use the only skill he had available which was that of his size and his fists to help his team won those battles that they fought together as a group and was learning being a monk of solitude perhaps would not change the world but a monk of thought and freedom and crusading could possible do so.

He met his end amidst pitch battle protecting others less capable than his self, and so I ask for you to raise a glass and take a bit of this food and praise that his future journey is filled with joy and happiness, and the contentment that he could not find in this world.

To our one and only Grim Tooth


Grim Tooth

*Hic cup*


Reconnected Hooligans

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So it has been about three weeks since the hooligans get together around a table and had a game, a chat and general misadventure or not as the case proved to be this week.

The lasting effects of our 6ft+ loin-clothed monk has left him a little timid of late of shooting and flying objects and wary of getting into to close a combat range moving forwards.  This weeks session saw a change of venue as mentioned on, to Maidment Towers adding less pressure to complete ventures within defined time-frames and allowing us to dog sit Mr & Mrs GrimTooth’s dog who is aptly named Chips.  This quickly became a running joke as Chips tied to devour the D&D doors and soon everything was being rescued from the dog’s mouth

Despite this there was lots of entertaining moves and goodies found including S’yvien performing a critical and having her arrow taking a zombie’s head right off. GrimTooth himself performed a double kick and have the rib cage pass right through the body which resulted in numerous pins around it not just being Red Bull that gives you wings.  Susan determined not to be outdone by a Puny monk takes her double sword and slashed the next zombie in half.  Gwen who then tries to compete, inadvertently misfires and hits and damages Susan by mistake –  lucky for Susan she is  War-Forged and made of Adamantium.  Thief also completes actions of taking a zombie in half, whilst Susan and Grim Tooth who now seem to have their own competition running take another 2 down between them.

After then stumbling into what was only described as a torture chamber, and hearing the faint rumblings of a possible giant marsh lizard, the opted to come back later to re-examine, sensing not only trouble but also being aware that some of the flayed bodies were only recently flayed.  There was also some sign of movement with fresh blood trails across the floor.  In stead they opted for a side door were they were greeted by an Ogre.  Once again Grim Tooth takes his ultimate chance and pummels said Ogre to a pulp before we all decide to head back for healing and rest in one of the outer rooms of safety.

So the adventure continues and will the Giant Marsh Lizard materialize from the slimy deaths or something far worse impede its spindly  doom upon the makers of this little band of misfits and miscreants as they journey on their merry way

Giant Marsh Lizard

Day 13 Typhoon Lagoon

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So today was supposed to be day 3 in the Magic Kingdom but given it being the day before we return to the UK we decided to be kind and spend another day at Typhoon Lagoon.  We re did the gangsta falls a family raft trip down effectively a rapidesque style ride.  My step daughter and I also did the other two crush n gusher slides which were water slides crossed with rollercoaster technology.  Great fun, although at one point we did nearly do both a 360 and u-turn the raft we were in, in one of the tunnels.  This time I also made sure I had my goggles on after losing both my contacts last time within the park.

This time I opted to leave kawabunga a miss mainly because I was in shorts and tee shirt having been so badly burnt from the last visit I wanted to remain mostly covered up.  Nonetheless we did a couple of trips around the lazy river to finish the day before heading back to showed and change before our evening meal at Jikos.

Jikos was based out at the Animal Kingdom lodge resort.  A signature dining restaurant experience.  The restaurant food was modern African cuisine.  Since it was our last meal we opted for both wine and starters which are not included within our dining plan.  Food was delicious well executed and nice portion sizes meaning we did not feel overly full as we had with other resorts and restaurants we had eaten at in the past fortnight.

Day 12 Magic Kingdom part 2

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Today was our second day back at magic kingdom.  Today’s plans included completing the trio of mountains with big splash mountain being booked in for the last ride of the day. 

Our first fast pass was with Pirates of the Caribbean a gentle log flume ride mainly in the dark going through various scenes of the movie – I know this is technically inaccurate as the movie was based upon the ride.  Given the time we then opted for lunch before doing a gentle steamboat ride along the river front before heading on to the haunted mansion ride a modern take on the ghost train experience.  We then had a small wander up a tree for the Swiss family Robinson, before wandering into fantasy land for Winnie the pooh and photos with Tigger too.  We then headed back to Frontierland for splash mountain.  Splash mountain is based around the Briar rabbit stories do nice little robotics take place before cumulating in a 50 ft splash to the bottom.

After which we grabbed the monorail round to Epcot for the evening meal at Tepen Edo Japanese style food.  Food and service again was delicious and thoroughly enjoyable.  Prior to the meal we managed to grab some more Christmas presents for family before finally heading back to the hotel to collapse

Day 11 Islands of adventure HP part 2

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Day 2 of our harry potter adventure was diagon alley and Islands of adventure.  The adventure really started when I decided to do my first bit of US driving. The simple matter was that it was not !y driving which was the problems but the braking, however, once I swapped  from using my left to my right foot the DRI e became easier and my passengers stopped getting whiplash!

Diagon Alley was one of those events which because it is removed from the park is fully immersive and leaves little room for interaction with the outside park.  Having eaten at the three broomsticks yesterday, today was the day of the leaky cauldron. The leaky cauldron had been promoted has doing English pub food healthily, an ironic thought to both my step daughter and I.  The food itself was delicious with lots of interesting drinks combination.

We then queued for our longest ride in the whole of our holiday which was escape from Gringotts.  A new 3d rollercoaster with the use of new technology on my previously used in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region .  Overall a thoroughly enjoyable and adrenaline fueled ride. 

We then wondered around knockturn alley, before opting to go and visitor Ollivanders wand shop. You are initially admitted in small numbers as a small wand choosing ceremony takes place with a chosen member of the audience – in this instance it was my step daughter who was chosen.  The actor playing Ollivander does a great job and goes through wand lore and the choosing of wands throughout the ceremony to the chosen one.

We then went to the ice cream parlour for some butter beer, toffee apple and chilli chocolate ice cream. After which we made the small walk round to Islands of adventure.  We quickly jumped onto the hulk ride which had only a 5 minute queue time before heading back to Hogsmeade for some present buying.  At which point it was time to head back to the resort before our evening meal at the boatswright cafe in Port Orleans Riverside.  The food was excellent, and was traditional southern food with Jambalaya, broths and fishes.  Food portions here were hearty to say the least and I struggled to finish my main course.  Nonetheless food was delicious and well worth a visit when we come back

Day 9 Disney Hollywood Studios

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Hollywood studios I had little in the way of expectations of being told it was a half a park day and to some extent that is true if all you want to do is form a couple of the extreme rides there, but there is lots more to do if you want to take the time to explore, interact with etc…

Out first ride of the day was the Aerosmith ride.  Unbeknownst to all of us prior to ride is that we would be doing loop the loop and helixes on this ride in the dark.  With a magnetic launch equivalent to or slightly less than Rita at the beginning, however it was a fully enjoyable ride and would do again.  One ride we had all agreed was off the agenda whilst we were there was tower of terror, for no reason other than it pulled on already pre-existing lift fears and did not make us feel all warm and fluffy inside. 

We then did the great movie journey some parts perhaps a little freaky for small children.  We then followed this up with the Indiana stunt show, which was thoroughly enjoyable.  We then made our way round to the star tours.  We sat and watched some of the Jedi padawan training session before entering into star tours ride.  A nice gentle 3d simulator ride. 

We followed this up with muppets 3d which had a combination of motion imagery, and live performance and interaction, including the grumpy old men.  One of the most impressive things about this ride was the complete rebuilding of the actual Muppet theatre.

We then met up with Mike and Sully which was good fun.  We were planning on doing the backlog tour, but given that this was an hour and we only had 15 minutes to our next fast pass ride we had was for the event I was looking forward to which was lights motor action.

As such we started to make our way round to the necessary set, we got seated and the show began.  Unfortunately as a direct result of incoming weather front and then a mini tropical storm hitting the performance had to be cancelled.  As a result of this and once the storm had started to clear about 5 minutes later we wandered round to customer service to see if there was something we could do a out effectively our last fast pass.  They instantly loaded our passes  with a new free VIP fast pass for us once we had explained the situation,which we then promptly went and used on Toy Story Mania.  A laser shooting 3d game based around Andy’s toy box.

That night was also villians unleashed but having not bought tickets we headed back to the resort and our evening meal.  Tonight we were eating at Bingos – Cuban style food.  The restaurant is apparently owned by Gloria Estavan, which was kinda cool.  Unfortunately because we did not what one of the fancy drinks, mainly due to my allergy to rum, temperature of our waitress dropped dramatically.  Food generally was be y good though and portion sizes were good to the point that we could not manage desert.  We did box up deserts but at the end of the holiday we had not finished it.

Day 8 Magic Kingdom

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Yesterday was our first trip to the Magic Kingdom the ultimate epitome of the Disney kingdom- well for me anyway.  We did not get there until later in the day for a variety of reasons.  When we arrived it was time for pur first fast pass ride which was Space Mountain.  Space Mountain for me was the ride I had always wanted !y parents to pay to come to Disney for.  Now here I was at 38 riding it .  a virtually dark ride it was quick, fun and full of giggles.

Earlier in the day we had done buzz space rangers, and the people over which took you around the future world element of the park and in and around most of the rides.  In addition to this as I had promised my nephew a picture with Buzz, this was duly acquired after several failed attempts along with plenty of the castle.  What was nice is that most of the princess’ castles had been built up around the park including sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, and Beast’s from Beauty and the Beast. 

Our second fast pass was over in frontier land and was big thunder mountain, so we took the MK express over to Frontier land to save the legs.  Big thunder mountain is the second big round that everyone thinks of when they think of Magic Kingdom.  An effective runaway train coaster with lots of twists turns and drops.  Fast and speedy a cool ride to do.

We held off doing the third mountain ride until later on in the week to give us something to look forward to later on in the week.  We the headed over to our last and final fast track the newest ride of fantasy land the seven dwarfs mine train.  Not as extreme as some of the rides we have done but still enjoyable wit some nice twists and turns, proving a friendly coaster fun ride for the up youngsters too.

Last night we ate at House of blues.  Food was nice enough and service was good lots of atmosphere.  Can highly recommend the NY steak yummy.

Tomorrow it is Disney Hollywood Studios

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