Grim Tooths Eulogy

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It is with deepest sympathy that today we announce the loss of a dear friend to us all Grim Tooth.  A loyal follower of his calling to monkshood, he led a pious life.  His life was one often filled with many hardships and trials that many of us can never truly understand.  As an Half Orc he never truly fitted into any community or Commune and often felt out of place even within his own Monastic order.  As such and as part of his ongoing travel and journey into his solicitory life of piety he took some time away to follow a life of preaching and meditation.  It was during these travels he met with his current travelling companions, whom by many descriptions was an odd collection of a Human Ranger, a War-forged Fighter, an Elven Artificer & Sorceress, a Dwarfen Cleric & Halfling Rogue.

OfGam (The Cleric) and Grim Tooth developed a strong bond and would spend many hours discussing the principles of Theology and varying interpretations of the sacred texts with Grim Tooth taking a good understand of the Onatarian principles and would often engage and listen eagerly to OfGam’s Monday Sermons.

Many of the others found him intimidating due to his unnatural size which was in excess of 7ft for his kind.  This was not helped as due to his monastic orders  his body was covered in only a purple loin cloth to preserve dignity for it was said in his order, if the Holy Orders had deemed for him to be covered they would make it so.  So far he had not found the way to such enlightenment or blessed favour.  Nonetheless, this had resulted in many of his more recent battle wounds, as his minimum clothing and height caused a distraction for some of the group whilst in battle resulting in misdirected weapons finding their way into the back of his skull, shaving his ear and other co-incidental scars that now covered Grim Tooth’s body.  As a result of these scars there was always an un-easy relationship between Grim Tooth & Baylan (Halfling Rogue), who had caused many of these additional body scarring.

Nonetheless he learnt that often that what we most want, can not be obtained without war or peace and as such he went on his way and assisted in the groups fight against evil, and would often use the only skill he had available which was that of his size and his fists to help his team won those battles that they fought together as a group and was learning being a monk of solitude perhaps would not change the world but a monk of thought and freedom and crusading could possible do so.

He met his end amidst pitch battle protecting others less capable than his self, and so I ask for you to raise a glass and take a bit of this food and praise that his future journey is filled with joy and happiness, and the contentment that he could not find in this world.

To our one and only Grim Tooth


Grim Tooth

*Hic cup*


A day of twists and turns

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Another Sunday another DnD session began.  This week we picked up where we left off fighting the Duids of flaming eye evil.  Grim Tooth started strongly with a sling throw splattering one druid if one can call them that in the head.  This was followed with Susan producing a cleaved style shot into another.  Baylan follows this up with a back stab as S’yvien summons a Viper, whilst Susan busies herself with another devastating blow.  Grim Tooth follows this up with another blowing shot from the fists.  Baylan determined not to be outdone by the Orc & War-forged on the team takes up his crossbow and strikes an amazing shot right between the eyes, as he keels over like a Unicorn on a Voldermort day.

Out of the conjured Portal S’yvien’s Viper appears and strikes out at the nearest druid causing his arm to shrivel with the Poison injected. The Viper hisses at her victorious strike.

Grim Tooth dodges the hits thrown at him and takes another druid out with his powerful blows, dodging opportunities of attack.  OfGam (the Cleric) does a death defying damage on another but fails to put it in its grave, but Baylan follows this up with a successful back stab as he crumples into nothing and follows this with a double blow to his neighbour with a hit straight into the kidneys.

Suddenly and out of nowhere a deafening silence then descends the hall from no where. S’yvien identifies the spell as silent and although action can be seen no noise emanates from the room.  It is very much like watching an action film on silent. Gwen & S’yvien as they look on from the corridor just outside the spells parameters.

The Druid’s of flaming eye fire aimlessly into the battle during this period and the confusion causes of sudden silences causes them to miss and take down several colleagues during a reign of friendly fire.

Lily however, keeps her composure and does severe damage.  Gwen attempts her magic stone spell but misses, however as a newly formed spell, she is still mastering the techniques of such magic.  Nonetheless the Viper circles his already wounded victim and follows this with a successful blow causing him to wither and shrivel into nothingness. All that was left was a jumble of clothes and bubbling motion from the chemical reaction that has taken place between the venom and the human Druidic matter.

Susan then steps forward and squishes the Vipers’ partner death in a single blow, whilst OfGam is busy fighting off another.  The druids attempt to hit Susan but miss and in a blind sided attack Susan hits them with her Sword swatting them away and killing them like flies.  This is followed by a temporary moment of panic as Susan appears to shut down before re-emerging brighter as she mutters something about ‘being blinded’.  Gwen noticing that OfGam is now down goes to heal the Cleric, as S’yvien once again attempts her Acid Splash spell and fails.

Grim Tooth nonetheless manages to throw some punches  before running away as Lily loads some crossbow shots into the fight.  Baylan tumbles through the masses and finds himself face to face with the Head Druid and 2x bouncers, one of which manages to get in a successful shot and knocks Baylan unconscious on the floor.  In anger Lily swings her master work sword and successfully halves one of the Druids in one swift blow. S’y vien seeing a gap in the fighting takes aim with her composite long bow and shoots.  It hits and blasts him off his feet and straight into the wall as he collapses in a heap.  OfGam takes off a hit with his battle-axe and kills his local opponent.

The druids then turn their attentions briefly to Baylan who appears to all to be dead.  The rest of the group think he has been taking lessons from Grim Tooth’s fake heart attacks from last week.  Gwyn then spots an attack of opportunity and takes out another Druid.

The Head Druid then casts a further spell which none can identify shimmers and takes a step back.  Gwyn fires another cross-bolt and does some damage. Susan follows this with another cleave action creating more damage as Grim Tooth throws another sling and creates a solid hit to the head, breaking the head Druids’ concentration in relation to spells.    One of the bouncers attempts to hit Susan but misses quite dramatically.  The head druid casts a further spell at Lily who flees from the fight out of the silence into where S’yvien is waiting screaming.  Her suddenly audible screams  shock her out of the spell as she turns and flees back into the fight.  She retaliates with a crucial blow to one of the nearby humans.  Susan receives a hit from the druids causing damage, which Gwyn heals.

The Head Druid casts another spell which S’yvien fails to recognise or understand, whilst the spell is being cast Lily does another damaging blow with her sword. and so moves into the room with the Head Druid.  After being healed Susan comes back stronger and serves a damaging blow as OfGam hits one of the bouncers.  Baylan now convinced that no one is now paying him any attention crawls his away over to S’yvien who is stood hiding in the corner.  The bouncers hit OfGam and follows through with such a damaging blow to Grim Tooth that he goes down.

The Druids suddenly now seem to have revitalised energy.  Seeing the falling Grim Tooth, Lily drives her anger straight at the nearest Druid and hits him.  S’yvien follows this with a successful acid splash at the head Druid in the face, which is followed by a cross bolt to the bouncer.  Baylan manages a successful back stab at one of the bouncers who hits back at him and makes contact.  Lily follows this with a successful cross bolt to the head in a crunching penetration as the bolt goes through his skull  and into the brain.  Gwyn performs further healing on OfGam as Susan does a crushing blow taking down the last remaining bouncer.   The Head Druid goes for Susan and misses Lily slashes him with her sword as S’yvien provides a crossbolt to his neck piercing his gullet, spine, voice box and leaves him to crumble and gurgle to the floor.

The team rush over to Grim Tooth who has not moved since falling, the team assume he is performing a fake heart attack.  OfGam goes over to wake him and tell him the battle is over, but notices there is no rise and fall in his chest.  He checks for breathing and sees none.  He passes small prayer of Onator over Grim Tooth’s body, closes his eyes, stands and faces his new-found friends as he pronounces the passing of Grim Tooth.

Each of the group pass over his body saying some words of condolences before removing his consumables and burning his body to the ground as per his last dying wish.  On that word, the group collapsed into a heap and drank and ate to Grim Tooth’s passing before falling drunkenly asleep in the now safe guarded room of the Flaming eye Druids

Reconnected Hooligans

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So it has been about three weeks since the hooligans get together around a table and had a game, a chat and general misadventure or not as the case proved to be this week.

The lasting effects of our 6ft+ loin-clothed monk has left him a little timid of late of shooting and flying objects and wary of getting into to close a combat range moving forwards.  This weeks session saw a change of venue as mentioned on, to Maidment Towers adding less pressure to complete ventures within defined time-frames and allowing us to dog sit Mr & Mrs GrimTooth’s dog who is aptly named Chips.  This quickly became a running joke as Chips tied to devour the D&D doors and soon everything was being rescued from the dog’s mouth

Despite this there was lots of entertaining moves and goodies found including S’yvien performing a critical and having her arrow taking a zombie’s head right off. GrimTooth himself performed a double kick and have the rib cage pass right through the body which resulted in numerous pins around it not just being Red Bull that gives you wings.  Susan determined not to be outdone by a Puny monk takes her double sword and slashed the next zombie in half.  Gwen who then tries to compete, inadvertently misfires and hits and damages Susan by mistake –  lucky for Susan she is  War-Forged and made of Adamantium.  Thief also completes actions of taking a zombie in half, whilst Susan and Grim Tooth who now seem to have their own competition running take another 2 down between them.

After then stumbling into what was only described as a torture chamber, and hearing the faint rumblings of a possible giant marsh lizard, the opted to come back later to re-examine, sensing not only trouble but also being aware that some of the flayed bodies were only recently flayed.  There was also some sign of movement with fresh blood trails across the floor.  In stead they opted for a side door were they were greeted by an Ogre.  Once again Grim Tooth takes his ultimate chance and pummels said Ogre to a pulp before we all decide to head back for healing and rest in one of the outer rooms of safety.

So the adventure continues and will the Giant Marsh Lizard materialize from the slimy deaths or something far worse impede its spindly  doom upon the makers of this little band of misfits and miscreants as they journey on their merry way

Giant Marsh Lizard

I missed my hoolies

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So this week I missed my Hooligan D&D session due to a migraine attack, which continued to linger with me until late today.  I am now crossing my fingers and hoping the attack has passed so I can resume full and normal activities.  Despite this I have continued to work full steam ahead at my job and re-jiggled the Excel spreadsheet for the Hooligans, to allow the Excel Document to have a more appealing feel when looking and trying to come to grasps with data and information.  Everything is now feeling rather more pleasing.

Nonetheless during this time I have a new venture planned that I am going to start launching in the next few weeks, so look at for my updates and ways you can get involved to help drive development, interactions and all kinds of mayhem, support and fun

Chat soon

Hooliganism DND part 1

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So as many of you may or may not know if you follow my husband Lord M he is an active gamer and DM (Dungeon Master) for a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) group on a Monday night.  He has also had the privilege of being in negotiations earlier this year to be a professional DM but the company were not quite at the size to actively want to hire a person from across the pond, as a result of tax implications and complexities – naturally understandably.  Nonetheless he remains on good terms with the owners and users their site (Roll 20) for managing his Monday night sessions.

Along with his gaming Lord M has a refined love for coffee.  We are lucky to have an amazing coffee shop now in our local Tescos, Harris & Hoole and the works of said shop are named as Hooligans.  As part of many of his wonderful conversations with the staff and management team it materialised that many of them were gamers, and loved table top gaming such as D&D.  Given that they knew Lord M ran a Monday night session it was proposed that he managed a hooligans group.

So on a blustery Sunday afternoon in late March the first session of the group was held.  We consisted of two elves; one a sorceress the other an artificer who got banned form the local university for bringing back to life a war-forged by the name of Susan.  The three of them travel together somewhat like raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the galaxy.  They are then matched up with a Half-Orc Monk, a Human  Ranger ; a dwarven  Cleric and a  (tbc) thief.

The running gag of the first session was that the eleven Sorceress’ Toad had more hit points than the elf herself and would often blend into the background using the toad’s capabilities of hide given their telepathic link and ability to share magic and requirements as needed.

Things in and off themselves went rather well until the 3ft Thief thought he could shoot over the 6ft plus Orc to take out the enemies, only for SkullFury (The Orc) to take an arrow to the head leaving him unconscious and dying on the floor of the cavern.  The jest of all jokes were then flung directly at said thief, whose naturally focus was questioned and if it was the fact that SkullFury had only a loin cloth on caused to much of a distraction and if he needed more cover when shooting in future.

Nonetheless our most holy Cleric of Onator was able to provide healing to bring him back to the living and much of the rest of the session went without incident, leaving us resting and recovering in a small cavern before part 2 commenced the following week with more tension than one could imagine

What A Week

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In A week where the US have faced horrendous storm blizzards and the UK have been battered by storms and rain.  I look out of my two bedroomed flat and have wondered what all the fuss is about.  That is not to say I am callous and don’t care, but just viewing the maps, as shown how much of an Island where I currently live used to be.

For most areas within 3-30 minutes of walking distance from my flat are covered in water, subject to flooding and interruptions by the storm, my little piece of calm, is standing tall and proud and smiling down saying, rain what rain.

The current flood warning map is proving an interest site to highlight our point.  To show what I mean about us being an island and our higher ground, I think the below image with the flood warning highlight this fact quite well, yet as I go further into London and even where I work which is right on the Times and there is no sign of this destruction or problem

Our plans for this weekend to go see the Lego Movie, has been aborted due to the storms and need to travel, something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

So instead I opted to stay home, order hubbys birthday and anniversary present, and let my Charlisei play on GTA5 which we picked up for a bargain this week on Amazon.

Other than storms and disorder, for once not of my making,  My doctors surgery decided to tell me I am acquiring my own medical team around my foot and its inability to heal properly.  On the plus side I have been told there is no infection in the bones yeah and that it is just taking its time to heal.  There are not sure though if there is permanent nerve damage, so this may require further tests, referrals and investigations for which I am still waiting to hear what the outcome will be.

Until then I will continue to hobble along, manage as best as I can and hope that next week there is not some destruction and chaos about.

Nano update

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Well since my post this morning, and my three hours of writing, it has then taken me another 3.5 hours to type up the additional 3500 words I managed to put to paper.  Well what does this mean, it means my projected finish date for 50000 words will now be early January as opposed to Mid April, as it was earlier on in the day.  I have doubled last years total and my new personal target goes as

Next milestone

15k words to target 4.5k

Middle milestone

20k words to target 9.5k

be on target

31666 words to target 20.5k

I am hoping tomorrow to be able to meet the next milestone and be half way or nearly at the middle target.  Writing 9.5k in one day is going to be tough but I managed nearly 4k in one sitting today.  So doing double that should not be too strenuous although the hand and fingers may disagree by the end of it.  I know by the end of todays writing my hand was going what’s this another three exam you have decided to put me through but it was worth it to see my word count jump up so much in one sitting.  Always a nice feeling.

Anyway it is rather chilly here and hubby has just arrived home so I am going to spend some time with my man and probably blow up aliens or some such thing

Have a good evening

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