Motivation where are you

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Today I am de-focussed, have a real sense of a lack of interest and really cannot be bothered day.

I have completed my job searching for the day, and even do some external searches on sites I don’t usually use.  The results were only slightly productive in that a role for a company I would love to work for turned up.  Although the position is below my current level and capacity, I am taking it as a way into the company and then work up.  Hopefully the salary wont be so low that it is untenable.  However, I have also had to prepare for yet another telephone interview today for a temp to permanent role, with life starting as a FTC (Fixed Term Contract).  A notion which does not fill me with joy but if it puts coffers in the bank who am I to complain is the honest answer.

At the moment, my mind feels a jumbled mess and is thinking of so much and yet I don’t know where to start, and so to help with that my get up and go is decided to sleek itself into a tiny recess until it has decided it is safe to come back out and play again.  Hruummmph not great but it just means trying to find the very element of getting myself going is proving more difficult than usual.  I also feel like I am starting to lose focus on what I want to achieve, and am going through the motions without actually achieving anything of any real consequence at the moment.  So if anyone has any ideas on how to re-instigate the focus and desire, feedback would be helpful.

I am kinda feeling a little bit lost in the world at the moment as if someone has taken down all my signposts and I am supposed to find the way by my memory.  As fun as that is, at the moment some signposts would be good I think just at the moment, to help confirm that I am on the right track.  Don’t want to be wandering down some dark dingy alleyway when I don’t have to… if you get my meaning.  However on the other side of things I thought I would update my PIN Interest site and update with some pictures that I wanted to upload.  There were a few there that I had totally forgotten about and also reminded me how beautiful some things are.



No that is not a swimming pool with fish in it, that is how blue the water is in Fethiye in Turkey.  It made me smile and remember how cool it was compared to how hot it was outside.  I just loved the reflections of the sub, the images of the fish swimming about, along with the gentle ripples of the water.  This is one of my favourite pictures from that holiday in Turkey.  It is also the place I fell in love with Scuba Diving.  The image above is also the place where I dived for the first time, doing a try dive and also getting seriously hooked on the sport.

Try Dive

3M. down 1st dive ever


The whole experience was just out of this world.  Right I must go, my telephone interviewer is now 11 minutes late….. not impressed.  If there has been no call within the hour I will be speaking to the recruitment agent about this !!!!!

Enjoy your day and any suggestions for getting my MOJO back would be appreciative



Turmoiled Tuesday

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I was not expecting much from today after the chagrin that this morning had caused me.  With the unexpected tax bill that I had to pay and then the HMRC issuing an extra charge has I paid on credit card.  Of which there was no mention of this in the letter they sent; I was left some what irate.  So I wrote a very unhappy letter back to HMRC asking them to reimburse the additional cost as I did not feel that it was within the spirit of the law in the way they had dropped the additional charge onto credit card onto the individual.  Even if nothing happens it made me feel a bit better.

Then to compound things I received an email from a company I had met with last week at RHP who advised that although they were impressed with my CV, felt that traveling out to Romford from Surrey was to far a trek and would consider my options if something closer to my current living situation become available.  No questions were asked if I would re-allocate if I was moving just thanks but no it is too far to travel.  With this in mind I was starting to feel like Tuesday was turning into something of a damp squib.  To top it of my poor husband had to deal with an incredibly stroppy and moody cow for the first part of the day before trundling into work this afternoon.

I am however pleased to report that my black mood and the blueness of the day did not continue.  With an improved and enhanced CV -or at least I hoped so –   as  I re-convened on the job hunt market.  Reviewing jobs,  CV and covering letter to continue with my desire to find something before this year is out, ideally before the end of November.  I had obviously done something right as I had some Psychometric testing for Barclays Bank to do.  I always hate these especially the numeric sections.  I just know I am not going to do well and I can kiss goodbye to the job.  Nonetheless I pursued in the interest of securing something and felt uplifted having done the practice session and getting 63% pass rate on the maths as opposed to my usual misery 45% or below.  Then half-way through the testing I received a call from a recruitment agency in relation to a job that I had applied for earlier on in the day.  Forgetting that I was doing timed Psychometric testing I answered the call, and then having to excuse myself and asking the person to call me back.  Naturally I did not finish the numerical data side of the Psychometric tests but it is done and now it is very much a waiting game to see what happens – fingers crossed.  In hindsight I should have switched the phone off. However I don’t think that I would have completed the numerical testing either way, so hey ho and all that.

I then went back to check my emails to discover another two attempted contacts for another two possible roles.  I responded to both, and will chase the respective agents tomorrow for more in-depth discussions.  I then called back Hays to discuss the role of a Senior Procurement Analysis.  A combination of both Procurement, with management and business analysis and review of existing and forthcoming requirements.  The added benefit being that the office is literally 30 minutes from my house with a great salary.  Really excited about this prospect.  The agent has sent me a more in-depth job specification to review this evening before having more conversations and CV tweaking options tomorrow.

Then to complete my day Vodafone called me.  You must remember my tweet of Technology and Me and Friday Frump, well today Vodafone well and truly redeemed themselves.  Thank you Vodafone.  I had a lovely call when they called, we went through what I was expecting, what had happened and now I was still stuck with this awful handset that I did not want.  Well not anymore, as of this evening, Kay from Vodafone, cancelled the second line that had been set-up, transferred my existing number to my new phone, give me my three months early upgrade, in effect upgrading me 6 months earlier than I can do so.  In addition to this I have a slight increase on my line rental for unlimited, minutes, texts, and data for the first three months and then my data reverts to a 1Gb download limit.  Since I rarely download now I don’t see a 1Gb download a useable amount.

Feeling a very bright, positive and happy bunny this evening.

I suspect all this will change, as my husband has his diabetic eye review tomorrow morning and then I have to drag him with me straight to the DHSS for sign-on  and then to Vodafone to get my new Sim to I can use my phone.  This is turning into a good week.

On a side note, I hope your day will continue to be as bright and as sunny as mine has been and will shine bright for the rest of the week

Happy Tuesday

New beginnings

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This is the first blog that I have ever attempted to do.  What I am hoping to try and do with this is focus on several things.

What I want to do is focus and give you access to my daily life events and happenings and provide support understanding and hopefully a few giggles along the way too

So for example I will give you glimpses of my writing and poetry, my baking recordings that I do; discussions on health ie Bi-Polar and depression and standards and matters of dealing with it and are there better ways to deal with this condition than what is currently happening.

Ideas and links to weddings and doing things on the cheap.

Debt and how to manage it for example.

Everything I intend to discuss here is personal to me and things I enjoy or have had experience with and therefore hoping that my experiences; events and capture might help someone else along the way.

The aim is to do it weekly but it may be more it may be less pending on what happens as time progresses; so until my next blog it have fun and catch up soon