RMT ASSISTANCE, and work life cross over

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Somehow along the way over the chaos of the last 12 weeks my life seems to have numerous unexpected twists and turns.

In January this year I embarked upon a new adventure. Leaving my old company behind whom I had been with for a little over 2 years and was extremely excited to be working for given that they were a life long dream company a hard decision to part ways had to made. A decision purely made on career development, closer to home, better life choices and family time and being able to have more energy and social time were big factors. This does not mean my new job is less demanding if anything it is more but the capacity to be home before 1800 most nights and really make a change makes a huge change to stress levels, working capacity and ability to function on a simple day to day level.

The block of flats, we have now been living at for the last 4 years as taken on its own right to manage the block itself and so because of my skill sets and what I do in my day to day life I was asked if I can manage and organise renewals of the building insurance, which has proved inordinately difficult, nonetheless we still have over 6 weeks before the current policy lapses and I will engage Lord M to pick up some of the slack this week for me on this one. I have also actively sent out an RFQ (Request For Quotes) this week to local cleaners and window cleaners to have the communal areas, cleaned and managed from an ongoing perspective on an initial 12 month term. I am currently awaiting the return of said documents so I can pass back to the management team to review and make a decision as to why? Again since our Right To Manage (RT,) does not take effect until 27th April we have nearly a full month to complete these requirements without interruptions to our BAU (Business As Usual) processes. However, continuing my day job at home as at times been taxing, especially if I had a long day which has involved doing 8 hours of negotiation with the same company over the course of 3 different areas within the same day. My brain and I did not want to sit and then start on the personal. So I set today to set aside and catch up on the pending tasks and requirements.

All immediate requirements have started and are now in the process with the management team updated and informed accordingly. Its now a wait and see game. However amongst this I still have my day to day tasks to do which includes completing my professional study requirements for my pending exam in June, this will then complete 4/5s of the study requirements for level 4. I have also some how been asked to manage and write up the requirements for the newly formed Hooligans D&D sessions as well as try and manage some sense of normality – which at the best of times can be problematic- along with have a social life and balance funds for the inordinate number of big birthdays this year.

Already this year we have had 3 40th birthdays one 39th in the first quarter. I have also managed to miss 2 of these due to financial restraints, exhaustion, ill health or any combination of the three. Despite this I still have a 70th, a wedding, 2x 16th, 2x holidays to plan one for the double 16ths, and one for my 40th to put into place and action. This does not defer from all other activities and requirements that have to be ongoing too. I am sure in the list of celebrations peoples birthdays have been missed or way laid somewhere along the way. I just fear the next 3 years are going to be very expensive.

Nonetheless, I am continuing to rise to the challenge and the requirements as needed and will continue to pick my moments and events as carefully as possible to prevent burn out, missed opportunities or other such requirements as needed.

Happy holidays


Where has the time gone

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Thins over the past few months have passed my be in a blur and I have found I have less and less time to do the things I really want to do.  A lot of this comes out of fatigue.  My current job results in me travelling nearly 4 hours a day on a round trip to get in and out of the office, I could make my life easier by asking to work from home a couple of times a week but realistically I only want to do that when I really have to.  I think more than anything I enjoy going into work, because I enjoy my job.  Recently I passed probation which for us was a major milestone.

Everything seemed to be happening at once, my husbands birthday, our one year anniversary of being married along with passing probation.  Everything after several years of struggle and living frugally was finally all coming together.

We were eventually beginning to see what it looked like to be stable.  A secure job as far as anything is secure in today’s environment of change.  A debt free-living apart from a meagre amount onto a credit card, which recently got transferred to a 0% balance for 9 months option on a lower rate meaning credit rating was improving once more.

Funds towards honeymoon were being paid – not as regularly as I would like but it was still being paid and going down in value which is the important thing.

We now found ourselves thinking about the future and what we wanted.  The prospect in itself was as terrifying as it comes from both a new experience and the ability to plan without having the sensation that it was only a dream.  The though of saving for own home or buying our current place from the landlords seemed like a real possibility.

A rewarding effect of all this happened yesterday when we treated ourselves to our long promised sky subscription on the X-Box allowing us to watch our long waited season 7 of Dexter and in 14 days time the new season of Game of Thrones.

All that aside I need to find the time to do my writing, and although the train journey gives me time, I found I am allowing myself this time to sit and do my reading.  So in the last 2 months along I have gone through about 6 books and about to start my 7th which is great, but I want to keep my blogging going along with my writing and both seem to be suffering at the moment.

However, you know what they say you can’t have it all but one at least must try.  Life is ploughing on and I will continue to improve my regularity of action on my blog page.  Nonetheless if life takes over as I am sure it will with Easter around the corner and double birthdays for my in law parents of 65 and 70 – I am sure I will find myself in a blur of activity once more and look up and found that it is summer and the honey moon is looming.

I wish you well and a good life until next time I get to blog away.

Have fun

Resolutions, Solutions bleh

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It is that time of year now when people starting talking about resolutions and what they want to do next year. Very simply put it is something they are going to be resolute about not falter or fail nor deviate from.  This is what their greatest achievement will be for the year ahead.  The problem with this is that you are setting yourself up to fail.  Some of the things that have inspired me over the last 12 months are other people’s resolutions and how they have been termed.  My favourite has to be the bucket list always fun and lively and about following ideals and having new experiences.

For me this time of year between Christmas and New year ,like many is for reflection on what has passed, have I grown and changed are there things I no longer like about me and want to change if so what is it?  and how?

Do I set up myself up to fail I used to, then I changed my perspective on things and created my yearly wish list.  Why do I say wish list as opposed to resolution, it is because these are the things I wish for myself next year and would like to try to make it  happen.  They are not a  given but there are is also no self recriminations towards myself if I should happen to fail or not achieve my desire or my goal.  It gives me the chance to look at what went wrong and try something new next year in achieving the goal.

Last years wish list was not so grand as in previous years and consisted of two main requests

  1. Get married and make it a day to remember
  2. Find a permanent job

Okay so the first was a given, the date was booked, the venue nearly paid for and this time last year my partner and I were in the final throes of wedding panic as the day drew closer.  For me though I was not sure if my father was going to be there, I was dis-heartened as most of my family had decided I was not worth the effort.  On my wedding day my family attendance consisted of my father and sister.  My aunt and her husband along with her daughter’s family which was her husband and daughter too.  Leading up to the day I was feeling dejected as a result of this and had people dropping out the day before and two no shows on the day which hurt and just told me how rude people are.  Since then I have had people who have cut me out of their life and it has been the wedding which has shown me who my friends are and who are not my friends.  Some I have been sad to lose others I have been so long char-chi have a nice life.  Nonetheless it is always hard to say goodbye to friends even if the latter applies.

Nonetheless, I have had a growing feeling over the last year that my friends are growing more and more transient in nature and that as a friend I am there to heal people and make them feel better and lead them to a better way.  Once this way has been done and they have transgressed forwards and moved forwards it is time to leave me behind for pastures new.  A realisation or a deluded self belief in relation to this has led me to change the way I interact with people, as I can no longer bare the pain of being ‘used’ for want of a better word and then being discarded like an old rag.  I broke the chains with family and ex-partners as a result of this it has taken me a longer lesson to learn with the friends but I am learning.

Don’t get me wrong I wont ever turn my back on a friend but I am not going to consume myself with them and their lives I am going to live and live my life my way and if people want to come along great if not then that is their decision not mine.

The second was far more challenging.  Going into this year I was in a maternity cover role which was due to expire at the end of March, it then got extended until end of May and then until July.  I was hoping this meant that I was going to get a permanent position but no.  This frustrated me, but I had been working on the role not being made permanent, so had already made lots of contacts and had job interviews already lined up, prior to the contract eventually coming to an end.   Unfortunately it then took me another 14 weeks before I was able to find secure work.  However the hard work and the effort applied to the job hunting was worth it – see my blogs in relation to this – there are too numerous to list here.  I now work for an amazing company one that I have wanted to work for since I was at University, doing a job I want to do on a salary that can support both my husband and I comfortably, giving him the time to focus on his writing and doing what he loves without him feeling any pressure that he needs to support and provide in a financial sense.  Nonetheless he is to continue with his part-time work which more than anything as he says keeps him sane in times of madness.

This year I suspect the list may be somewhat longer and more demanding and will include things like

  1. Clear my credit card and keep it clear – always a challenge – usually manage 2 months and then pull it out for big expenses
  2. Go on honeymoon – problem is we don’t know where to go although we have got it down to four locations:  1)Maldives, which was our first choice from day one, 2) Bora Bora,  3)Cancun secondary back up choice based on costs and 4) Cuba
  3. Buy me a new laptop
  4. Buy me a SLR camera
  5. Get fit – a bi-product is losing weight which is the real goal but when I say lose weight I get frustrated lose focus so for me to say get fit it is actually more beneficial in that it gets me active again and I have missed being active ever since prolapsing my discs and not being able to do the things I used to love doing.
  6. Get my husband to finish his book and send to publishers
  7. Be happy and enjoy life
  8. Take my step daughter on holiday somewhere she can get a stamp in her passport
  9. Celebrate our first year wedding anniversary in style
  10. Save for our own place
  11. Pass probation at work – which has curiosity would have it falls on our wedding anniversary weekend woo hoo and celebrate in style
  12. Spend time with friends and family
  13. Get back to my diving
  14. Start dancing again – Ballroom and Latin

Not a lot really and some of it is really materialistic but I think this comes from not being able to have been able to buy anything really for a long time.  This urge will quickly diminish and I will go back to thrifty me. thus enabling some of the other events to happen also like the holidays and house saving etc…

I already feel full of hope and promise moving forwards into the new year and I am excited to face it head on and be ready for whatever comes my way.

So to end this may I wish you all a good, fruitful and productive New Year with lots of joy, happiness and enjoyment with few tears along the way

Happy new year everyone



A busy time

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December is usually a busy time for everyone, however since the end of November my life has been a blur.

On Monday 26th of November I started a new permanent full-time job.  The first permanent job I have had in nearly 5 years.  Scary or what.  Then the fear is intensified as it has been for a company I have wanted to work for since I was 18 years of age and the fact that I am now makes me ecstatic and scared and OMG OMG OMG hyper at the same time.  I am working for Thomson Reuters.

For me this is a dream come true I can hardly believe it.  I have lost a whole month, or at least that is what it feels like, with early mornings back upon me, and late home arrivals I spend 12 hours of my day away from the home, either travelling or work or a combination of the two. So now spending time with family is even more important to me.  However, this new-found freedom has given me, us, an energy a realism of ease and confidence that we have not had in a very long time.  The arrival of the first pay cheque caused panic, as I thought I had been over paid but then I realised I had not and suddenly our lives become much easier.

I think back over the last few years over the joys and the heartache and wonder if it is or was worth it.  Yet hand on my heart I know it was as I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for what had gone before.  We can now plan our future for real and take it away from the dreams and move them into reality.  At the weekend we sat and looked at mortgage options and the best routes for us to take and talked about having conversations with my bank about available routes to take on savings as they appeared to have a good route in relation save to mortgage which is linked to a flexible fixed offset account.  In essence this means the rate is fixed, but is flexible in that we can over pay during the term of the fixed term without any penalties and offset because anything in savings is offset against the amount owing on the mortgage meaning we can pay less interest than we would normally if it is not linked to a savings account.  How cool is that?  or is this just me returning to excitable Geek mode?

We have also talked and looked at booking our honeymoon with locations narrowed down to four possibilities, Cuba, Cancun, Bora Bora and Maldives.  My lust is for one of the last three as I can at least go diving there but am just as happy to see Cuba before it becomes all materialistic and joins the current state of the rest of the world.

Aside from this it has been Christmas and although I have got a couple of days off, ie not back in until New Years eve then back to work as normal on the 2nd as my boss very kindly has allowed me to work from home we are travelling all over on short trips and bursts.  As tomorrow we are off to Lancashire to visit my husbands parents and deliver gifts, then en route back two days later we are visiting friends in Blackburn.  At some point in January we have to catch up and deliver presents to his youngest brother and his best friend.  We then have his birthday in February, which I have plans and ideas for, then our wedding anniversary in March and his parents big birthdays in April.  So until April it is all go and then a quarter of the year as gone again.

For me it all feels a little fast forward and watching my life in time-lapse sequences on a large screen, so I am trying to enjoy every moment and just live love to the maximum before it is all too late

One more thing I go, thank you for reading and continue to do so, since my lack of posting in the last month.  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a fun-filled and life learning new year.

Busy busy bee

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The last 48 hours can only be described as manic from my end.  Everything has changed from the last time I have written an full blog entry, but it has all been for the better.

Checking my emails and statistics for her I noted that Terry 1954 had kindly nominated me for a sister hood of the world blogger award, which I feel very humbled by.  As anyone who reds my blog on a regular basis will know that I have the utmost respect for this women, and she is an inspiration to us all.  My thoughts in relation to her can be found at my entry Thanks for doing your jobs, as a result of this a nomination coming from her means a lot to me and I feel very humbled by it.

Even more than this, on Tuesday I got the news I have been waiting for, I have secured a permanent position and job at the company I was hoping to be able to work, but was not sure if I would be quite the right fit, as my experience was a little below what they needed.  However, I obviously did something right, as they offered my the role and I start a week on Monday.  I am so excited by the opportunity and chance to work with this company that I spent most of the last 48 hours in shock and shaking and giggling hysterically as a result of this.  Too many this may seem like an over-reaction, however to put it into context, I have wanted to work for this company since before I left University which is a miserly 15 years ago, but have never had neither the confidence or skills set to apply for a role until now.  The chance is also a real chance to get my career well and truly off the ground within a specialised defined space and grow.  I am so looking forward to the challenges and the opportunities that this role will bring, I am counting the days until I start.  So what is the name of this company that has got me so excited, well that would be Thomson Reuters, one of the biggest Media Moguls and suppliers of information in the world.

My new line manager seems lovely and we have already had a couple of e-mail conversations including inviting me to the works Christmas party in 4 weeks time.  Everything about this role, this company makes me feel all warm and lovely inside, and I just cannot wait to start.

Then to back all this up I managed to surpass eventually my total from last year at Nanowrimo.  My new target is to write another  4k to break the 10k barrier

All of a sudden I feel like I have a spring back in my step, the world seems brighter even if it is colder.  However the best thing about all this is that the dreams my partner and I have can now start to turn into realities.  More importantly we can look at booking our honeymoon, from our wedding earlier on in the year from March.  In all honesty this is not likely to take place until next year, and possible around our one year anniversary – but what a way to celebrate.

Anyway enough of my bounciness, if I want to break that  10k barrier I need to get writing as it is not going to break itself

Catch up with you all soon.

Love you all and thanks for all your support



Good start to the week


Well today has started off as manic as last week ended.  I had an interview first thing this morning, with London Business School   as a member of their procurement team. With plans to do the hoovering, the putting away of clothes and ironing, when I get back – what a charmed and party life I lead.  However, no life had decided that was not going to be the case at all.  On the walk from the station to finding the building for my interview. I over-stretched my leg and twinged my back again.  This made walking sore to say the least.

To top it of I could not change back into trainers just yet so had to hobble about on the heels until after the interview.  Saying this though, the interview went well, but I suspect from conversations that I have been having with the relevant parties that it may be some time before feedback is forth coming as their HR department is at half its normal strength at the moment, which is not a good state to be in.  Nonetheless it was a productive interview day and it is now fingers crossed sit and wait.  However I have come home, which meant arriving at my desk a little over 90 minutes ago give or take to pick up the reigns for this week.  The first of these battles is starting to source out the weekend emails.  Chase up old job conversations and agents and see what is about and happening, along with trying not to do any more damage to the back.

The weekend itself was actually quite nice.  Saturday I had to go collect some gifts from last weeks pottery painting session, and to be honest, they have turned out far nicer and better than I had anticipated which is always good.  This then leant to us going to visit my brother-in-law who lived around the corner and his wife and son.  A lovely afternoon was had with them, despite nursing a horrible headache, which upon the return journey turned nasty and resulted in me being in bed by  1800 GMT to sleep it off.

Sunday then was more relaxed and chilled, we caught up on some missed TV, played Halo 4 online and completed some challenges before zoning out prior to this mornings’ madness.

The plan therefore to focus on NANO went out of the window as you can see from the above.  However the positives with the ride in on the train, I did manage to write-up about 7 pages of ideas, and had to stop as a result of arriving at my station.  So hopefully I will get to write some more later and type it all up in the next day or too, and then I can say I have broken the 10k mark – I should be so lucky.  I am so far behind it is silly but I am going to keep going and see what happens.  However it does look like I will brake last years total- which is something at least.
Anyway I hope you all continue to enjoy your Mondays’ and it is far more restful than mine is turning out to be and I will be returning shortly.  When I am not sure but it will be happening, I assure you.

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