Ramp up

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So things have started to ramp up for the holiday.  With less than three weeks to now go and the delivery of all tickets excluding our Orlando Flex Pass – we are already to go.    Just printed off details for the booked show, and the travel insurance details, need to go and do some pre-booking and alterations for the car hire in a while and then we are done.  Packing still needing to be done, and dig out Driving Licences, but we are then already to go.

Given this weekend I chose not to study given that is all I have done for the last 6 months, I choose to take a weekend off, so I have transplanted some overcrowded tomatoes, in our little balcony forest.  Discovered a pepper plant hiding both amongst my tomatoes and lettuces – very  surprised as I thought I had managed to kill them all off – wonders will never cease.  Although choosing to do all this dirty work in a white gypsy style skirt probably was not the brightest idea I have every had! oh well!  The shower was good to cool down in  Mr M finishes work in a bit so will go collect and we will wander over to Harris & Hoole and grab a coffee or cooler and some goodies to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  On top of that  I have now pre-ordered my new Robin Hobb book for the kindle and downloaded the Joe Abercrombie  Half a King.  Having not read any Joe Abercrombie books, interested to see how it turns out, although it comes recommended by Mrs Hobb herself so I am sure it can’t be that bad!

Have fun everyone, enjoy your weekend and chat soon


Frustrating week, Celebratory week, Ill week

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Well I missed my blog entry for last week, mainly due to playing catch up on my CIPS study.  Then managing to catch up I have promptly fallen behind again, because I was too lazy and tired this week to read 10 pages.  It has definitely been a frustrating week, as I try to manage work, study and healing.  My foot as of late as started to look more look a foot then a holy foot.  This in itself is great, however,  looking at how well it is now healing, it would appear that I wont even have a scar for all the pain I have gone through.  Although this is good news there is a sense of disappointment too.

This week was a special week, as it was my husbands birthday on Wednesday and I have been like a kid in a candy store waiting to give him his presents, which naturally he loved.  Today we are having a birthday celebration.  As a result of this I spent most of last night in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake.  Today I am completing it with a butter icing filling and a milk chocolate ganache covering.  It is going to be a small affair with family and a selection of friends but should be a fun-filled afternoon.

As I had to work for his birthday, I took him our for a special meal for his birthday.  We went to an Argentinian Steak House called Gaucho’s, at Canary Wharf.  The food was divine, the service was impeccable and well worth the small fortune we spent on the two of us to dine there.  Meat was cooked to perfection and with a sommelier to help with wine choices or to go with recommended wines, which were also included within the menu.  The whole experience was exactly what one would expect from a full on fine dining experience.  It is one experience we are planning to repeat with tale of two books knowing her love of food and good cooking.  It will also give her some good exposure to writing some food critic reports for her blog.

Despite all this on the Thursday evening I have ended up with a nasty ear infection which is causing pain and broken sleep.  My foot then started to feel left out and started to irritate me again too, however, I wonder with my foot if it was because I was told I could shower.  My dressing started to lift when I came out and if it has been re-infected.  I guess I wont know until I go to the vascular clinic on Tuesday. Nonetheless it has all been a good week.

Looking forward to moving onwards and upwards and an enjoyable if even busy week to come.


Future challenges, back to school and back to work

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Like with every coming New Year I set myself various challenges.  On last year’s front I think it was safe to say that it was as a Craig Revell-Horwood would say a Disaaaster Darling a total disaster.  One positive is that I lost 2 stone then put one back on.  Nonetheless it still going in the right direction.

So fresh out of last years fiascos I have put together a new list of requirements and wishes for this coming year

1) Clear the last remaining balances on my credit cards

2) Get fit

3) Stick to my timetable for my CIPS exam and pass the exams first time

The major challenges here is mainly number 3 as I work a full-time job, travel four hours a day in total getting in and out of work.  I will naturally now use this travel time to equate to reading and studying for the work allowed.  I have quite tight deadlines set for myself with only 10 days to complete each chapter of the course.  With a total of 18 weeks for each section.  In all that sounds fine, but the volume of reading required is something that is going to be left to be desired

Additional nerves  are that I am making my way back into work after nearly 2 months of working from home after an injury sustained whilst on my honeymoon.  Things are getting to get busy and heavy and hectic very soon.

Nonetheless I love challenges and keeping busy so this should stop me from getting idle and bored and not finding that I don’t have things to do.

Oh one other thing I committed to do this year was to get my poems edited and pulled together into a concise book for hubby to review and work on.  So I also made a start on that yesterday too…. so how I feel like I am just looking for trouble here.

Roll on August for holiday time yeah…

The Girl

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‘Fetch me the girl! ‘ The voice boomed across the apparently empty hall.

A few seconds later the lights faded leaving the hall in complete darkness.

A mere two minutes later a single spotlight emerged in what inequality had to suppose was the middle of the hall,  with a girl standing there bound and blindfolded in an otherwise empty hall .

Nano update

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Well since my post this morning, and my three hours of writing, it has then taken me another 3.5 hours to type up the additional 3500 words I managed to put to paper.  Well what does this mean, it means my projected finish date for 50000 words will now be early January as opposed to Mid April, as it was earlier on in the day.  I have doubled last years total and my new personal target goes as

Next milestone

15k words to target 4.5k

Middle milestone

20k words to target 9.5k

be on target

31666 words to target 20.5k

I am hoping tomorrow to be able to meet the next milestone and be half way or nearly at the middle target.  Writing 9.5k in one day is going to be tough but I managed nearly 4k in one sitting today.  So doing double that should not be too strenuous although the hand and fingers may disagree by the end of it.  I know by the end of todays writing my hand was going what’s this another three exam you have decided to put me through but it was worth it to see my word count jump up so much in one sitting.  Always a nice feeling.

Anyway it is rather chilly here and hubby has just arrived home so I am going to spend some time with my man and probably blow up aliens or some such thing

Have a good evening

Busy busy bee

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The last 48 hours can only be described as manic from my end.  Everything has changed from the last time I have written an full blog entry, but it has all been for the better.

Checking my emails and statistics for her I noted that Terry 1954 had kindly nominated me for a sister hood of the world blogger award, which I feel very humbled by.  As anyone who reds my blog on a regular basis will know that I have the utmost respect for this women, and she is an inspiration to us all.  My thoughts in relation to her can be found at my entry Thanks for doing your jobs, as a result of this a nomination coming from her means a lot to me and I feel very humbled by it.

Even more than this, on Tuesday I got the news I have been waiting for, I have secured a permanent position and job at the company I was hoping to be able to work, but was not sure if I would be quite the right fit, as my experience was a little below what they needed.  However, I obviously did something right, as they offered my the role and I start a week on Monday.  I am so excited by the opportunity and chance to work with this company that I spent most of the last 48 hours in shock and shaking and giggling hysterically as a result of this.  Too many this may seem like an over-reaction, however to put it into context, I have wanted to work for this company since before I left University which is a miserly 15 years ago, but have never had neither the confidence or skills set to apply for a role until now.  The chance is also a real chance to get my career well and truly off the ground within a specialised defined space and grow.  I am so looking forward to the challenges and the opportunities that this role will bring, I am counting the days until I start.  So what is the name of this company that has got me so excited, well that would be Thomson Reuters, one of the biggest Media Moguls and suppliers of information in the world.

My new line manager seems lovely and we have already had a couple of e-mail conversations including inviting me to the works Christmas party in 4 weeks time.  Everything about this role, this company makes me feel all warm and lovely inside, and I just cannot wait to start.

Then to back all this up I managed to surpass eventually my total from last year at Nanowrimo.  My new target is to write another  4k to break the 10k barrier

All of a sudden I feel like I have a spring back in my step, the world seems brighter even if it is colder.  However the best thing about all this is that the dreams my partner and I have can now start to turn into realities.  More importantly we can look at booking our honeymoon, from our wedding earlier on in the year from March.  In all honesty this is not likely to take place until next year, and possible around our one year anniversary – but what a way to celebrate.

Anyway enough of my bounciness, if I want to break that  10k barrier I need to get writing as it is not going to break itself

Catch up with you all soon.

Love you all and thanks for all your support



NANO Writing

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Well I had intended to go away and do some writing this afternoon.  The frustrating thing is, I know what I want to write, but writing it on paper seems forced and contrived some how.  It seems to be lacking the ease and the fluidity of the earlier 3.5k words that I have written and so now I am writing and scratching things out and trying to write the next sentence 5 times now without any success.

45 minutes later the last part of this section is now complete- almost.  But at least the sentence flows more naturally than the other previous efforts.

Thank you Word Press for giving me a less detailed distraction to allow me to complete my struggling sentence structure and so the story continues


The sentence which caused me so many problems is:


James then reached over to pick up the second frame that had fallen onto his desk.  As his thumb slipped under the front of the frame where the glass covering was, it caught itself against something sharp. The frame was hardly  up from the surface at a forty five degree angle  before he re-dropped it with the shock of the intrusion.
Not a difficult few sentences but a lot of pain has been caused by it ….

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