Somehow along the way over the chaos of the last 12 weeks my life seems to have numerous unexpected twists and turns.

In January this year I embarked upon a new adventure. Leaving my old company behind whom I had been with for a little over 2 years and was extremely excited to be working for given that they were a life long dream company a hard decision to part ways had to made. A decision purely made on career development, closer to home, better life choices and family time and being able to have more energy and social time were big factors. This does not mean my new job is less demanding if anything it is more but the capacity to be home before 1800 most nights and really make a change makes a huge change to stress levels, working capacity and ability to function on a simple day to day level.

The block of flats, we have now been living at for the last 4 years as taken on its own right to manage the block itself and so because of my skill sets and what I do in my day to day life I was asked if I can manage and organise renewals of the building insurance, which has proved inordinately difficult, nonetheless we still have over 6 weeks before the current policy lapses and I will engage Lord M to pick up some of the slack this week for me on this one. I have also actively sent out an RFQ (Request For Quotes) this week to local cleaners and window cleaners to have the communal areas, cleaned and managed from an ongoing perspective on an initial 12 month term. I am currently awaiting the return of said documents so I can pass back to the management team to review and make a decision as to why? Again since our Right To Manage (RT,) does not take effect until 27th April we have nearly a full month to complete these requirements without interruptions to our BAU (Business As Usual) processes. However, continuing my day job at home as at times been taxing, especially if I had a long day which has involved doing 8 hours of negotiation with the same company over the course of 3 different areas within the same day. My brain and I did not want to sit and then start on the personal. So I set today to set aside and catch up on the pending tasks and requirements.

All immediate requirements have started and are now in the process with the management team updated and informed accordingly. Its now a wait and see game. However amongst this I still have my day to day tasks to do which includes completing my professional study requirements for my pending exam in June, this will then complete 4/5s of the study requirements for level 4. I have also some how been asked to manage and write up the requirements for the newly formed Hooligans D&D sessions as well as try and manage some sense of normality – which at the best of times can be problematic- along with have a social life and balance funds for the inordinate number of big birthdays this year.

Already this year we have had 3 40th birthdays one 39th in the first quarter. I have also managed to miss 2 of these due to financial restraints, exhaustion, ill health or any combination of the three. Despite this I still have a 70th, a wedding, 2x 16th, 2x holidays to plan one for the double 16ths, and one for my 40th to put into place and action. This does not defer from all other activities and requirements that have to be ongoing too. I am sure in the list of celebrations peoples birthdays have been missed or way laid somewhere along the way. I just fear the next 3 years are going to be very expensive.

Nonetheless, I am continuing to rise to the challenge and the requirements as needed and will continue to pick my moments and events as carefully as possible to prevent burn out, missed opportunities or other such requirements as needed.

Happy holidays