RMT ASSISTANCE, and work life cross over

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Somehow along the way over the chaos of the last 12 weeks my life seems to have numerous unexpected twists and turns.

In January this year I embarked upon a new adventure. Leaving my old company behind whom I had been with for a little over 2 years and was extremely excited to be working for given that they were a life long dream company a hard decision to part ways had to made. A decision purely made on career development, closer to home, better life choices and family time and being able to have more energy and social time were big factors. This does not mean my new job is less demanding if anything it is more but the capacity to be home before 1800 most nights and really make a change makes a huge change to stress levels, working capacity and ability to function on a simple day to day level.

The block of flats, we have now been living at for the last 4 years as taken on its own right to manage the block itself and so because of my skill sets and what I do in my day to day life I was asked if I can manage and organise renewals of the building insurance, which has proved inordinately difficult, nonetheless we still have over 6 weeks before the current policy lapses and I will engage Lord M to pick up some of the slack this week for me on this one. I have also actively sent out an RFQ (Request For Quotes) this week to local cleaners and window cleaners to have the communal areas, cleaned and managed from an ongoing perspective on an initial 12 month term. I am currently awaiting the return of said documents so I can pass back to the management team to review and make a decision as to why? Again since our Right To Manage (RT,) does not take effect until 27th April we have nearly a full month to complete these requirements without interruptions to our BAU (Business As Usual) processes. However, continuing my day job at home as at times been taxing, especially if I had a long day which has involved doing 8 hours of negotiation with the same company over the course of 3 different areas within the same day. My brain and I did not want to sit and then start on the personal. So I set today to set aside and catch up on the pending tasks and requirements.

All immediate requirements have started and are now in the process with the management team updated and informed accordingly. Its now a wait and see game. However amongst this I still have my day to day tasks to do which includes completing my professional study requirements for my pending exam in June, this will then complete 4/5s of the study requirements for level 4. I have also some how been asked to manage and write up the requirements for the newly formed Hooligans D&D sessions as well as try and manage some sense of normality – which at the best of times can be problematic- along with have a social life and balance funds for the inordinate number of big birthdays this year.

Already this year we have had 3 40th birthdays one 39th in the first quarter. I have also managed to miss 2 of these due to financial restraints, exhaustion, ill health or any combination of the three. Despite this I still have a 70th, a wedding, 2x 16th, 2x holidays to plan one for the double 16ths, and one for my 40th to put into place and action. This does not defer from all other activities and requirements that have to be ongoing too. I am sure in the list of celebrations peoples birthdays have been missed or way laid somewhere along the way. I just fear the next 3 years are going to be very expensive.

Nonetheless, I am continuing to rise to the challenge and the requirements as needed and will continue to pick my moments and events as carefully as possible to prevent burn out, missed opportunities or other such requirements as needed.

Happy holidays


End of an era and the start of something new….

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Well this week has been an interesting one to say the least. Not only is it the end of another year approaching, for me, it is the end of an era. It has been a time, that I never thought would come, but then I never thought I would ever get to work for the company of my dreams, doing a job that I love.

Thursday saw me spending the last day in my office, as I prepared to finish my current role before moving onto pastures new in January. Decisions made purely on the basis of career wants and needs. My new step will take me into bigger and tougher challenges. I will be drawn into more complex and demanding situations but I will be pushed to become better than I ever thought possible.

At times over the last month, I have questioned if I am ready for the role? If I can do the role? and if this is right? Part of that comes from my earlier statement but also leaving a monumental company with a world renowned reputation and brand. I think the real challenge for me, was did I want to leave my ideal company? or did I want to push my career another few steps further forward?

Naturally my innate ambition won out – why because I am naturally competitive, I want to be the best. I love to be challenged and this new role will certainly be that. Moving back from a global company to a more local and European perspective will be only one of the many challenges I am facing. Nonetheless, like everything else in my life I will stare down the barrel, look over the edge and blindly step into the unknown, and hope my skills, wit, sense of humour, integrity, professionalism and tenacity to succeed will hold me in good stead.

So for me it is out with the past, in with the new. And all I can think to say is “hello future”, what do you have in store for me today?

Video interviewing

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Today has been the first day in which I have had a chance to sit and catch up with all me old emails from job hunts as, the last few days have been so full on with interviews and meetings.  Yesterday I ended up writing off, not because my HALO 4 had turned up but because I was starting to hit burn out stage of the job hunting process.  I could I tell.  I turned into a complete Bitch.  Being short with my partner for no reason what so ever, bursting into floods of tears and just wanting to cry.

I think the stress levels of not working, and wanting to work, being turned down for jobs when there are things I cannot control, was just taking its immeasurable toll on me.  So what did I do to fix the problem, not a lot.  I eventually sat down at about 1600 GMT time to blow up some aliens, and considering the game had been here for some time since 1000 that morning – I was impressed with myself.  Part of this was though as a result of having to have a meeting with an agent regarding another potential role that afternoon.  One of the things I did not want to happen was to get engrossed in the game and miss the meeting.  So I stayed working through applications, with tears down my face at certain points, until I had to wipe off my tears, paint on the smile and make the drive to Slough for the agreed meeting.

On the positive side of things though the meeting went well, I should hear if I have an interview within the next  72 hours so that is good news.  I should also hear in that time scale if I have a job with one of the biggest media moguls too, so all fingers and toes are crossed at the moment.  Nonetheless today has at times been slow and other times a blur.  I have just had to complete my first video interview which was surreal to say the least, especially since I had to borrow hubby’s laptop as my desktop does not have a web cam or microphone attached to it.  Despite that it was fun, even if a little nerve-racking as there was no real interaction and there was no body language to feed off since the companies questions were pre-recorded for reflection purposes.  I actually felt more on edge with that than a real face to face interview.  I guess time will tell if I have been successful here or not.

On the other side of things I also have a telephone interview with a subsidiary of BAE tomorrow which should be interesting and fun to say the least, I am currently just awaiting on the confirmation of the time so I can then take the details and preparation for it.

However now most things are done I want to sit and try to catch up on some Nanowrimo, since I have had no time in the last 24 hours to do any of it at all, and I am falling further and further behind in the word count which is not good.  Today I should be aiming for the 12k mark, currently I am still sat at the 3k mark.  Lots of work to make up then 9k in total.  When I think of things in that capacity it scares me of how far behind I have fallen, but I know I can do it.  At worst case scenario this weekend just becomes a full on writing fest in the house to get tasks and missions done.  Wish me luck on all fronts and I will try to write more later

Have a fun evening everyone



Turmoiled Tuesday

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I was not expecting much from today after the chagrin that this morning had caused me.  With the unexpected tax bill that I had to pay and then the HMRC issuing an extra charge has I paid on credit card.  Of which there was no mention of this in the letter they sent; I was left some what irate.  So I wrote a very unhappy letter back to HMRC asking them to reimburse the additional cost as I did not feel that it was within the spirit of the law in the way they had dropped the additional charge onto credit card onto the individual.  Even if nothing happens it made me feel a bit better.

Then to compound things I received an email from a company I had met with last week at RHP who advised that although they were impressed with my CV, felt that traveling out to Romford from Surrey was to far a trek and would consider my options if something closer to my current living situation become available.  No questions were asked if I would re-allocate if I was moving just thanks but no it is too far to travel.  With this in mind I was starting to feel like Tuesday was turning into something of a damp squib.  To top it of my poor husband had to deal with an incredibly stroppy and moody cow for the first part of the day before trundling into work this afternoon.

I am however pleased to report that my black mood and the blueness of the day did not continue.  With an improved and enhanced CV -or at least I hoped so –   as  I re-convened on the job hunt market.  Reviewing jobs,  CV and covering letter to continue with my desire to find something before this year is out, ideally before the end of November.  I had obviously done something right as I had some Psychometric testing for Barclays Bank to do.  I always hate these especially the numeric sections.  I just know I am not going to do well and I can kiss goodbye to the job.  Nonetheless I pursued in the interest of securing something and felt uplifted having done the practice session and getting 63% pass rate on the maths as opposed to my usual misery 45% or below.  Then half-way through the testing I received a call from a recruitment agency in relation to a job that I had applied for earlier on in the day.  Forgetting that I was doing timed Psychometric testing I answered the call, and then having to excuse myself and asking the person to call me back.  Naturally I did not finish the numerical data side of the Psychometric tests but it is done and now it is very much a waiting game to see what happens – fingers crossed.  In hindsight I should have switched the phone off. However I don’t think that I would have completed the numerical testing either way, so hey ho and all that.

I then went back to check my emails to discover another two attempted contacts for another two possible roles.  I responded to both, and will chase the respective agents tomorrow for more in-depth discussions.  I then called back Hays to discuss the role of a Senior Procurement Analysis.  A combination of both Procurement, with management and business analysis and review of existing and forthcoming requirements.  The added benefit being that the office is literally 30 minutes from my house with a great salary.  Really excited about this prospect.  The agent has sent me a more in-depth job specification to review this evening before having more conversations and CV tweaking options tomorrow.

Then to complete my day Vodafone called me.  You must remember my tweet of Technology and Me and Friday Frump, well today Vodafone well and truly redeemed themselves.  Thank you Vodafone.  I had a lovely call when they called, we went through what I was expecting, what had happened and now I was still stuck with this awful handset that I did not want.  Well not anymore, as of this evening, Kay from Vodafone, cancelled the second line that had been set-up, transferred my existing number to my new phone, give me my three months early upgrade, in effect upgrading me 6 months earlier than I can do so.  In addition to this I have a slight increase on my line rental for unlimited, minutes, texts, and data for the first three months and then my data reverts to a 1Gb download limit.  Since I rarely download now I don’t see a 1Gb download a useable amount.

Feeling a very bright, positive and happy bunny this evening.

I suspect all this will change, as my husband has his diabetic eye review tomorrow morning and then I have to drag him with me straight to the DHSS for sign-on  and then to Vodafone to get my new Sim to I can use my phone.  This is turning into a good week.

On a side note, I hope your day will continue to be as bright and as sunny as mine has been and will shine bright for the rest of the week

Happy Tuesday

Sunday Chillin’

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Well the weekend was much as expected, slow and relaxed.  I suspect next weekend will be less so.  With Lottie Sandstorm arriving late on Friday after a day trip to Belgium and Flanders.  Then going to visit her cousin on the Saturday in Fancy dress for a premature Halloween bash and fun and catch-up.  Sunday will become a day of collapsed bodies and exhaustion.

However between now and then I have the DHSS to address on my usual Wednesday appointment, I have an unexpected tax bill to pay and more jobs to track down and apply for.  As of yet I have yet to manage to do some work for NANOWRIMO which is drawing on close to the start with still little work started.  I have still to start on Christmas presents and am having to leave a majority of the bulk buying to my partner.  Writing and thinking of all this is already getting me in a bit of a tizz about the whole thing.

Hubby is currently cooking dinner of Chicken and Pasta for our tea.  Always good when I don’t have to cook.  There is also that chance he will actually eat something.  Not that my cooking is particularly bad we just have very different styles of cooking.  To the point this weekend we talked about putting together our cook book of recipes and achievements of cooking on a budget.

This weekend resulted in an unexpected visit to the cinema to see Looper.  An intriguing and interesting version on the sci-fi notion of time travel.  It consisted of little of the usually Hollywood contrite way of doing moves and left the watcher having to think.  Parts which made me flinch and close my eyes at times.  Yet enthralling, entertaining and very brain active.  This is not a movie you can go to and switch your brain off.  There is too much happening, that co-insides with each other and will definitely need another watch when it comes out on DVD.  In addition to this I managed to get my first glimpse of Skyfall the new Bond movie which is released on the 26th.  OMG I cannot wait to see that either.

Life I feel is suddenly about to get very interesting.  I have the nervous anticipation of not, that tells of fast joyous moments are soon to be upon us and life changing events are coming.  When 3- 6 months tends to be the normal time scales when things like this happen.  Last time I lost my job.  Moved to Switzerland.  Got engaged tot he man I married earlier this year.  All in the space of 7 months for the sake of accuracy. Although we got together within 6 months and engaged by the 7th.  I love this feeling as I know things are going to work out all right.  Faith is all that is needed to make sure that it happens

Dinner is soon to be served.  So I am going to end this blog now and wish you all to enjoy the rest of your Sunday and say have faith, live life and enjoy it, whatever it throws your way, as you never know where it will lead

Friday Finale

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It’s that day before the weekend arrives, for many of us there are a few working hours left and then the fun really starts.  For me it is a chance to stop thinking about finding a job and time to spend with the family and friends.  This weekend consists purely of me and hubby and no concrete plans in place. I suspect a chillin’ one will be the tone of the weekend.  There will be lots of reading, writing, playing computer games and potentially some trips out and about somewhere if we can decide on where to go and what to do.

However, before then, I still have some loose ends to tie up from last week; including following up on some job applications and the speculative calls I made on people at RHP UK earlier on this week.  Once this has been done I suspect the course of action will be to remove myself from a PC for a few hours and continue to read The Map, by TS Lerner.  I am sure at some point I will find myself on SSX or my t’other half on mine craft.  I will endeavor to try and do some preparation this weekend for NANOWRIMO which is now looming on the horizon.

In addition to this I must do some research on eateries as per the instruction from my darling friend NeekiO, as to where we should go for my looming birthday in about 3 weeks – shivers at the thought.  Me and birthdays not pleasant thoughts.  Mainly due to being let down by people repeatedly in relation to them in the past.  I need to clarify what days do she wants me to look at the eateries for. As I have a couple of options for either a Friday Night or Saturday afternoon as to what can be done and this will dictate eating locations.  This year my birthday weekend is with my wonderful step-daughter Lottie Sandstorm so the day is guaranteed to be filled with dry humor lots of fun and giggles and winding up her father, my husband, in vast quantities with the same returned double to both of us.

Husband on the other hand is planning other things and I can smell plotting afoot which always makes me nervous.  I still have to acquire presents for him for Christmas but I have plans aplenty for that too, and I short walk to the fridge – aka Tesco- should resolve part of that problem a little later on.

However none of this is helping with the imminent problem of tying up my current loose ends.  So I guess I should stop my waffles and go tidy up so the weekend can really get started

Hope you all have a good weekend and let me know how it goes?  or What your plans are?


Friday Frump

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Well whilst people are enjoying the weekend soon to be here, I for some reason are feeling decidedly frumpy and flat.  Whether this is because I still have the remnants of the headache from two days ago, which for me is not too uncommon when it has been a migraine.  Or it is  the result of restless night of little sleep again.  The lack of sleep has come from the fact that I am unable to find a job and the hunting seems to be coming to nothing.  I have however made the decision to go to a job fair next Wednesday on my sister’s birthday to see if that yields anything of any interest.  However it is as much an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours, as I feel like I have been trapped up inside these four walls for the last 12 weeks.  Although this is not the case the active memento of not going out and seeing other things is starting to stir me a little crazy.  I have the distinct feeling that my motivation is starting to get up and go and this is bad oh so bad and so today is Frumpy Friday.

Job hunting theoretically has now been completed for the day which is nice, but I am going to sit and do some reading on the Kindle in a while.  Yes it is that elusive Kindle from my blog ‘Technology and Me’.  However my darling partner has downloaded a kindle app. onto my PC so I can now just sit and read it from the PC, which I am finding a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.  Talking of technology I need to do some research onto mobile phones as after a surprise call from my network supplier this morning, it would appear that they may be prepared to allow me to exchange out my old HTC phone which I hate to something else.  So I am currently reviewing the options between the Samsung SII or Samsung SIII, along with comparisons on the Nokia Lumia 800 or do I wait for the Nokia 900 coming out later this month.  I have asked the gentleman I spoke to, to call me back this afternoon so I can make notes, do some maths and then make a decision on Monday morning.  Unfortunately my pull is to the Nokia, I love Nokia phones mainly for the robust status and the fact that they keep going.  However a big downside I have found as of late is battery life and this I must have on my phones.  I hate the need to be constantly charging handsets because the batteries do not have the power to sustain the applications.  Here is a hint phone suppliers, great upgrade the phones but make sure the battery can sustain the application power.  So many decision to make. In reading the reviews there is so much I like about all 4 phones I think this will be a gut reaction.  After all they are offering my 3 months free to upgrade now and a potential cost cut on my line rental, with the phone for free – who can argue with that.  I guess I just need to check the terms of the new contract arrangement.

However maybe this Friday Frump can be removed by the arrival of new tech next week now being on the horizon.  Not that I am a techie, a gamer girl or a geek at all.  Talking of which I think it is time to go see where I ended up on  last nights challenges and how much my ghosts achieved in SSX on the PS3 before my partner drags me onto Minecraft for the X-Box and if not him then probably my Step-Daughter later on this evening.  Oh it is a hard life

Maybe Frump Friday is not so bad after all

Have a good weekend everyone


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